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The Promotion

Quebec (USA: working title)

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2008 March, 9
86 minutes
Production Company:
$ 8 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 457 690


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At 33, Doug Stauber is ready for a promotion. He's married, wants to buy a house, and is assistant manager at a Chicago supermarket that's building a new store in his neighborhood. His boss tells him he's a shoo-in to manage the new store, then, a rival appears - Richard Wehlner, transferred from Canada. Richard has a deeper resume than Doug, is really nice, has a wife and daughter, and wants the promotion to manager too. How should Doug behave toward Richard - as a friend, a colleague, a competitor, or an enemy? Richard, it seems, has demons and a past, but with the help of motivational tapes, he's resolved to succeed. Corporate and personal tests await the two men. - IMDb

Два помощника управляющего корпоративного гастронома соперничают за желанное повышение.

Una carriera a tutti i costi Italy
Az Előléptetés Hungary
I proagogi (DVD title) Greece
Napredovanje Slovenia
Nowe stanowisko Poland
Promaknuće Croatia
A Promoção Portugal
The Promotion - Uraputkessa Finland
La promotion (French title) Canada
Quebec (working title) USA
Topjob - Showdown im Supermarkt Germany
Повишението (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Повышение Russia

Children's Cast:

Nikki Taylor Melton [10] Lizzie

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