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Married to It

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1991 September, 11
112 minutes
Comedy / Drama
$ 14 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 2 059 832


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Tale of three different couples (Yuppies, Hippies, and Society Folk) who find some common ground and become friends after being assigned to the same school project. Their lives are turned upside down by divorce, indictment, and sex but their friendship remains strong. - IMDb

Три супружеских пары знакомятся, приглашенные почти случайно супругой молодого яппи на обед для обсуждения того, как лучше организовать детский праздник.

Aki kapja, marha! Hungary
Casado con eso Spain
Casados entre si (video title) Argentina
Casar-te per això (alternative title) Spain
Di coppia in coppia Italy
Dinner für Sechs Germany
Matrimonios (TV title) Argentina
Problemele casniciei Romania
Sarilhos de Casados Portugal
Sarilhos em Família Portugal
Sippuray Zugot (Hebrew title) Israel
Ystävät ja rakkaat Finland
И в радост, и в мъка (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Nathaniel Moreau [12] Kenny Morden
Aaron Ashmore [11] Student in Pageant
Heather Brown [10] Student in Pageant

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