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Modesty (USA: literal English title)

My Rating: /10
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2007 March, 16
106 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 346 045

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Based on the novel by Santiago Roncaglielo Alfaguare, the film uses its comprehensive scope to depict the complexities of family relationships. Squeezed into a generation vacuum, these relationships are like parallel lines which never meet. Everyone has their secrets and are self-conscious about bringing their traumas out into the open. Julia is not only suffering a middle-age crisis, but is going through a difficult time. Her mother has just died, her marriage to Juan isn’t exactly a bed of roses and the vibes at home are getting everyone down. Sergio, the youngest and adopted member of the family, lives in a child’s micro-fantasy world. His pubertal sister Marisa can’t stand him, she’s trying to come to terms with her sexual orientation and is ashamed of her body. Grandpa Salvador is also disgruntled, unhappy as he is living under his daughter’s roof. When they come together at the dinner table, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife... Is there anything at all which could clear the air?

Modesty (literal English title) USA
Pudor Spain
Сором'язливість Ukraine
Стыдливость Russia

Children's Cast:

Marcos Ruiz Sergio
Alejandra Lorenzo [8] Vero
Natalia Rodríguez [15] Marisa

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