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D.C. Cab

Capitol Cab (USA)
D.C. Cab (USA)
Street Fleet (USA)

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1983 December, 16
100 minutes
Comedy / Action
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 16 134 627


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The tale of a hapless group of cabbies and a rundown cab company owned by Harold. Albert comes to town with a dream of starting his own cab company but needs to motivate Harold's employees to want to make something out of themselves. It is only when Albert is kidnapped that the cabbies must decide whether or not they are loyal to Albert and his cause. - IMDb

Capitol Cab USA
Die Chaotenclique West Germany
Die Chaotenclique West Germany
Çılgınlar Takımı Turkey
D. C. Cab Denmark
D.C. Cab Canada
D.C. Cab Canada
D.C. Cab Sweden
D.C. Cab USA
D.C. Cab Ecuador
D.C. Cab Australia
D.C. Cab: los taxistas del ritmo Peru
D.C. Taxi Romania
D.C.キャブ Japan
Los locos del taxi Spain
Mr. T and Company Philippines
Os Taxistas do Ritmo Portugal
S.O.S. taxi France
Simlis taxisok Hungary
Soferii Romania
Street Fleet USA
Street Fleet United Kingdom
Street Fleet  
Taksiarze z Waszyngtonu Poland
Taxi Especial Brazil
Taxi in aktie (informal title) Netherlands
Los taxistas del ritmo Argentina
Los taxistas del ritmo Peru
Los taxistas se divierten Mexico
Вашингтонское такси Soviet Union
Вашингтонське таксі Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Scott Nemes [9] Ambassador's Son
Senta Moses Mikan [10] Ambassador's Daughter

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