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Le colonel Chabert

Colonel Chabert (USA)

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1994 September, 9
110 minutes
Drama / History / Romance / War
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 464 284


Colonel Chabert has been severely wounded in the French-Russian Napoleonic war to the point that the medical examiner has signed his death certificate. When he regains his health and memory, he goes back to Paris, where his "widow", Anne has married the Count Ferraud and is financing his rise to power using Chabert's money. Chabert hires a lawyer to help him get back his money and his honor. - IMDb

Albay Chabert Turkey
Die Auferstehung des Colonel Chabert West Germany
Colonel Chabert Canada
Colonel Chabert Sweden
Colonel Chabert USA
Le colonel Chabert Canada
Le colonel Chabert France
Il colonnello Chabert Italy
El Coronel Chabert Spain
Coronel Chabert: Amor e Mentiras Brazil
Eversti Chabert Finland
O Coronel Chabert Portugal
Oberst Chabert Denmark
Oberst Chabert Norway
Överste Chabert Sweden
Pułkownik Chabert Poland
Syntagmatarhis Chabert (transliterated title) Greece
Συνταγματάρχης Σαμπέρ Greece
Полковник Шабер Russia
夏蓓尔上校 China
愛の報酬 シャベール大佐の帰還 Japan

Children's Cast:

Guillaume Romain Simonin

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