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Nell (United Kingdom)

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1994 December, 14
112 minutes
$ 31 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 106 683 817


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Nell is a girl who's been brought up in an isolated world. The only people she knew were her mother and twin sister. They lived together in a cottage in the forest. Nobody has ever met Nell. After her mother's death, she's discovered by the local doctor Jerome. He's fascinated by her, since she speaks a mangled language, developed by her sister and herself growing up, "twin speak" if you will. But Paula, a psychology student, wants her observed in a laboratory. The judge decides they get three months to observe her in the forest, after which he'll decide about Nell's future. - IMDb

Una mujer llamada Nell Argentina
Una mujer llamada Nell Chile
Una mujer llamada Nell Mexico
Nele Lithuania
Nell Spain
Nell (video box title) Finland
Nell France
Nell United Kingdom
Nell Greece
Nell Italy
Nell (literal English title) Japan
Nell Poland
Nell Portugal
Nell Sweden
Nell Austria
Nell Turkey
Nell USA
Nell Australia
Nell Brazil
Nell Canada
Nell Canada
Nell West Germany
Nell Denmark
Nell Ecuador
Nell - divja zenska Slovenia
Nell cea salbatica Romania
Nell, a remetelány Hungary
Neru Japan
Νελ Greece
Нел Bulgaria
Нелл Russia
ネル Japan
大地的女兒 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Heather M. Bomba Twin #1
Marianne E. Bomba Twin #2
Nicole Adair Autistic Child

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