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Riget (mini)

The Kingdom II (USA: second season title)
The Kingdom (United Kingdom)
Riget (Australia)

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1994 November, 24
286 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 144 487


The Kingdom is the most technologically advanced hospital in Denmark, a gleaming bastion of medical science. A rash of uncanny occurrences, however, begins to weaken the staff's faith in science--a phantom ambulance pulls in every night, but disappears; voices echo in the elevator shaft; and a pregnant doctor's fetus seems to be developing much faster than is natural. At the goading of a spiritualist patient, some employees work to let supernatural forces rest. - IMDb

Birodalom II. (second season title) Hungary
A Birodalom Hungary
Geister West Germany
Geister - Exodus (third season title) West Germany
Geister II (second season title) West Germany
L'hôpital et ses fantômes France
Hospital der Geister - Teil 2 West Germany
Hospital der Geister - The Kingdom West Germany
Karalija Lithuania
Karalija: Egzodas (third season title) Lithuania
The Kingdom Exodus (third season title)  
The Kingdom II (theatrical title) France
The Kingdom II (second season title) USA
The Kingdom II (second season title)  
The Kingdom, meros V' Greece
The Kingdom (theatrical title) France
The Kingdom United Kingdom
The Kingdom Greece
The Kingdom Israel
The Kingdom India
The Kingdom USA
The Kingdom  
The Kingdom South Africa
The Kingdom United Arab Emirates
The Kingdom Canada
The Kingdom Canada
The Kingdom Egypt
Krallık Çıkış (third season title) Turkey
Království Czechoslovakia
Królestwo Poland
Królestwo II (second season title) Poland
Kuningriik. Exodus (third season title) Estonia
Lars von Trier præsenterer: Riget (video box title) Denmark
Lars von Triers Riget I (DVD box title) Denmark
Lars von Triers Riget II (DVD box title) Denmark
O Reino Brazil
O Reino Portugal
Il regno Italy
El Reino II (second season title) Mexico
El Reino Spain
El Reino Mexico
Riget Australia
Riget Denmark
Riget Ecuador
Riget Hong Kong
Riget Indonesia
Riget India
Riget South Korea
Riget Netherlands
Riget Philippines
Riget Turkey
Riget Exodus (third season title) Denmark
Riget II (second season title) Denmark
Riket Norway
Riket Sweden
Riket 2 (second season title) Norway
Le royaume Canada
Spitalul cu fantome I & II Romania
Valtakunta Finland
Королевство Russia
Кралството Bulgaria
キングダム Japan
醫院風雲 Taiwan
醫院風雲Ⅱ (second season title) Taiwan
醫院風雲:出埃及記 (third season title) Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Laura Christensen [10] Mona Jensen / Mona Christensen (TV Episode: Pandæmonium) (1994)
Annevig Schelde Ebbe [11] Mary Krüger (TV Episode: Den hvide flok) (1994)

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119. Riget (1994)
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 144 487