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The Beans of Egypt, Maine

The Beans of Egypt, Maine (United Kingdom)

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1994 November, 23
99 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 73 956


The Beans are poor, proud, hated by all, but alive in the sense that they struggle against their lot and support each other in time of trouble. Earlene lives across the street from the Bean's trailer, and the view from her window is better than any daytime television soap opera; especially Beal Bean, and especially Beal Bean shirtless. When Reuben Bean is sent to prison for resisting arrest for out-of-season deer hunting, Beal takes up with Reuben's woman Roberta. He also has a child by Earlene, with a triangle of sex complicated by poverty. - IMDb

Aussichtslos West Germany
The Beans of Egypt, Maine Ecuador
The Beans of Egypt, Maine United Kingdom
The Beans of Egypt, Maine USA
Els Bean d'Egypt, Maine Spain
La familia Bean Spain
Forbidden Choices Canada
Forbidden Choices (video box title) Denmark
Forbidden Choices Netherlands
Forbidden Choices Sweden
O Gosto Amargo da Paixão Brazil
Rodzina Beanów Poland
Scelte proibite Italy
Triángulo de pasiones Argentina
Vaarallinen intohimo (video box title) Finland
Египетские бобы Russia
Забранен избор Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Lance Robinson Young Beal Bean

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