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The Great Buck Howard

My Rating: /10
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2008 January, 18
90 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 900 689


Once upon a time, Buck Howard [John Malkovich] spent his days in the limelight as a mentalist extraordinaire! Nowadays, it s clear to everyone except Buck that his act has lost its luster. Convinced his comeback is imminent, Buck needs a new road manager and personal assistant. Recent law school drop-out and would-be writer Troy Gable [Colin Hanks] needs a job and a purpose. Working for the pompous, has-been mentalist fills the former requirement, but how it satisfies the latter is questionable. Nonetheless, with the aid of a fiery publicist [Emily Blunt] and a bold stroke of luck, Buck lands back in the American consciousness, taking Troy along for the ride.

Bеликий Бак Ховард Russia
Čuveni Bak Hauard Serbia
El Gran Buck Howard Argentina
Der Große Buck Howard (TV title) Germany
Lieliskais Baks Hovards Latvia
Mahtava Buck Howard Finland
A Mente que Mente Brazil
Mister Showman France
Muhtesem Howard (Turkish title) Turkey
O Fantástico Buck Howard Portugal
O spoudaios Buck Howard (DVD title) Greece
A Tökéletlen trükk Hungary
Veliki Buck Howard Slovenia
Ο σπουδαίος Μπακ Χάουαρντ Greece
Вiйна Чарлi Вiлсона Ukraine
Великият Бък Хауърд (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Nate Hartley [16] Teenage Kid

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