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Moi César, 10 ans 1/2, 1m39


Aka: I, Cesar (World-wide)
Director: Richard Berry
Year: 2003
Country: France
Runtime: 91 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

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Ten-year-old Cesar Petit (Jules Sitruk) is 4'6" tall and 10lbs overweight, more interested in eating sweets than the activities - piano, karate etc - his parents (Jean-Philippe Ecoffey and Maria de Medeiros - the latter sadly underused) foist upon him. He's smart enough to know the value of playing dumb, careful to do well enough to avoid annoying his parents, but not so well as to attract unwanted attentions from the other kids. And he's just starting to discover girls, like Sarah (Josephine Berry - the director's daughter), and growing a touch envious of his friend Morgan (Mabo Kouyate) for being so damned attractive, athletic and, well, grown-up.
When Cesar's father's business partner dies, his dad is left to explain some financial irregularities. After the police turn up and Mr Petit vanishes, Cesar concocts a story that his dad is in jail, instantly gaining the approval of his classmates. Then Mr Petit appears at the school...
After the fallout from this incident has subsided, a school parent/child excursion to the sewage treatment works leads to the suggestion that Morgan ought to find his father, a Londoner named Charly Fitzgerald, whom he has never met. With Sarah volunteering to help Morgan, because her English/French parents have brought her up to be bilingual, Cesar decides to go along too and hopefully impress his love. Needless to say, none of the kids informs their parents... - Reviewed by El Topo

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Children's Cast:

Joséphine Berry [11] Sarah Delgado
Jules Sitruk [13] César Petit
Mabô Kouyaté [13] Morgan Boulanger

User Commentaries:

Posted: 11 Feb 2006, 00:00
In "Cesar", the kids act not like real kids, but like mainstream adults imagine them, completely forgetting their own childhood way of thinking.
Also, at one point a woman gives the 2 young heroes a bath. She gets to see everything, but apparently the spectator is not worhty of it: cinema is made for showing life, not suggesting it!
Lastly, and I agree this one is debatable, Jules Sitruk is quite a good actor, but for such a "lightweight" movie, a cuter one would have been a better choice (sigh)...

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