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Aka: The Hourglass (World-wide)
Director: Szabolcs Tolnai
Year: 2007
Country: Serbia
Runtime: 110 minutes
Genre: Drama

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The plot is centred on Andreas Sam, a young writer searching for his roots as well as the memory of his father who got lost in the storm of World War II. Roaming the labyrinth of the past he faces more and more new questions instead of finding any answers. That is how the trip in the past starting from itself and ending in itself becomes the catalogue of feelings, doubts, helplessness, homelessness, constant home-sickness and desire to belong to someone and somewhere of a Central Eastern European man, who lives among various civilisations and religions and is often forced into minority situations.
Kis’s work retold with the help of visual means makes the audience face the paranoia of revived nationalisms and the consequences of ideological blindness.

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