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Chronicles (USA)
Zodiac (United Kingdom)

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2007 February, 28
157 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
$ 65 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 84 785 914


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Closer in spirit to a police procedural than a gory serial-killer flick, David Fincher's Zodiac provides a sleek, armrest-gripping re-invention of the crime film. It surveys the investigation of the Zodiac killings that terrorized the San Francisco Bay area in the late -60-early -70s; Zodiac not only killed people, but cultivated a Jack the Ripper aura by sending icky letters to the newspapers and daring readers to solve coded messages. But the film's focus isn't on the killer. We follow the reporters and detectives whose lives are taken over by the case, notably an addictive crime writer (a sartorially splendid Robert Downey Jr.), an awkward editorial cartoonist (Jake Gyllenhaal), and a hard-working cop (Mark Ruffalo). Fincher and his brilliant cinematographer Harris Savides are deft at capturing the period feel of the city, without laying on the seventies kitsch, and James Vanderbilt's script doles out its big moments to major and minor characters alike. Fincher's confidence is infectious; the movie glides through its myriad details with such dexterity that even the blind alleys and red herrings seem essential. The well-chosen cast includes unexpected people popping up all over: Anthony Edwards as a lunch-bucket homicide cop; Charles Fleischer as a mysterious suspect; Elias Koteas and Donal Logue as small-town policemen whose districts are hit by Zodiac; Chloe Sevigny as Gyllenhaal's sweet-natured wife; Brian Cox as the media-friendly lawyer Melvin Belli, so famous he once appeared on Star Trek; and the mighty John Carroll Lynch, as a supremely creepy suspect. The film is based on non-fiction books by Robert Graysmith (he's portrayed by Gyllenhaal), although Fincher and co. did extensive research on their own. The result is a propulsive whodunit without (thus far) an ending, but the uncertainty makes the film even more intriguing. --Robert Horton

Захватывающий триллер Дейвида Финчера, режиссера «Бойцовского клуба», рассказывает правдивую историю одного из самых интригующих нераскрытых преступлений прошлого века. В Сан-Франциско появляется серийный убийца, который не только угрожает спокойствию города, но и насмехается над стражами порядка, снабжая их письмами и посланиями мистического содержания. В этом отчете с места преступления, основанном на реальных событиях 1970-х годов, зрителям вместе с профессиональными детективами и репортерами предстоит напасть на след коварного убийцы и распутать это непростое дело. Фильм, поставленный по книге Роберта Грейсмита, проливает свет на жизнь и работу сыщиков и газетчиков.

Chronicles USA
I se spunea Zodiac Romania
Sát Nhân Huyền Thoại Vietnam
Sodiaak Estonia
Zodiac France
Zodiac Portugal
Zodiac Netherlands
Zodiac Finland
Zodiac United Kingdom
Zodiac Singapore
Zodiac Spain
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Zodiac USA
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Zodiac: Die Spur des Killers West Germany
Zodíaco Brazil
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Zodiaco Peru
Zodiaco Mexico
Zodiak Uzbekistan
Zodiak Poland
Zodiak Slovenia
Zodiakas Lithuania
Zodiaks Latvia
Zodiákus Hungary
Le zodiaque Canada
Zodijak Croatia
Зодіак Ukraine
Зодијак Serbia
Зодиак Bulgaria
Зодиак Russia
لغز زودياك United Arab Emirates
जोडिएक (transliterated title) India
ゾディアック Japan
十二宫 China
殺迷藏 (complete title) Hong Kong
索命黃道帶 Taiwan
조디악 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Zachary Sauers [12] Aaron Graysmith
Callie Thompson [7] Child Witness

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