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The Other Boleyn Girl

The Other Boleyn Girl (United Kingdom)

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2008 February, 15
United Kingdom
115 minutes
Biography / Drama / History / Romance
$ 35 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 77 716 017


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A tale of two sisters competing for the same king, The Other Boleyn Girl uses historical facts as window dressing for this work of fiction that is entertaining, if not wholly believable. Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) is the doe-eyed vixen ordered by her power-hungry uncle to bewitch King Henry VIII (Eric Bana). Her shy sister Mary (Scarlett Johansson) has always been in Anne's shadow; Anne is prettier, more accomplished, and desired by many men. So when the King picks Mary--the "other Boleyn girl"--as his mistress, Anne turns on her sister and schemes to become not only the King's consort, but his new queen. With a pair of American actresses in the lead roles and an Aussie portraying their hunky object of desire, the English accents are all over the place in this period piece with a modern feel. Though the Boleyn girls' mother points out that her "daughters are being traded like cattle for the advancement of men," it is Anne who ultimately throws her slight weight around to bully Henry into doing her bidding. When he begs her to give herself to him, Anne--wearing a Carrie Bradshaw-esque "B" pendant on her neck--counters, "Make me your Queen." Is the audience really supposed to believe that Henry the VIII--the most powerful man in the land--would divorce Catherine of Aragon, separate from the Catholic church, and put England in upheaval simply because Anne refused to sleep with him until he jumped through all her hoops? "I have torn this country apart for you," he hisses at her before finally getting his way. Based on Philippa Gregory's bestselling novel of the same name, The Other Boleyn Girl features an attractive cast and a familiar plot with some icky twists. Kieran McGuigan's cinematography is breathtaking and is as crucial to setting the film's tone as the dialogue. Actually, it fares better: Lines such as "Well? Did he have you?!" sound almost comical. But the sweeping shots of Henry's kingdom and the carefully framed close-ups of Portman and Johansson are breathtaking in their beauty and say what words simply cannot. --Jae-Ha Kim

История двух сестер, двух судеб и одной большой любви. Анна и Мэри Болейн, движимые слепыми амбициями своей семьи, борются за внимание и благосклонность короля Генриха VIII. И хотя обе сестры разделят с ним ложе, только одной из них суждено подняться на трон для непродолжительного царствия, обрывающегося под топором палача...

L'altra donna del re Italy
Den anden søster Denmark
Den andra systern Boleyn Sweden
Boleyn kızı Turkey
Cealalta mostenitoare Boleyn Romania
Deux soeurs pour un roi France
Deux soeurs pour un roi Canada
Druga Bolenova kći Serbia
Druga sestra Boleyn Slovenia
Duas Irmãs, Um Rei Portugal
Dvije sestre za kralja Croatia
I alli eromeni tou vasilia (transliterated title) Greece
Karalienės sesuo Lithuania
Kochanice króla Poland
Králova prízen Czechoslovakia
Kuningattaren sisar Finland
Las hermanas Bolena Spain
A Másik Boleyn lány Hungary
Người Tình Đại Đế Vietnam
Öteki Boleyn Kızı Turkey
The Other Boleyn Girl Netherlands
The Other Boleyn Girl Canada
The Other Boleyn Girl South Korea
The Other Boleyn Girl United Kingdom
The Other Boleyn Girl India
The Other Boleyn Girl Indonesia
The Other Boleyn Girl Ecuador
The Other Boleyn Girl USA
The Other Boleyn Girl Israel
The Other Boleyn Girl South Africa
The Other Boleyn Girl Australia
The Other Boleyn Girl Thailand
The Other Boleyn Girl United Arab Emirates
The Other Boleyn Girl Philippines
The Other Boleyn Girl Egypt
The Other Boleyn Girl India
Otra Boleinu meita Latvia
La otra Bolena Argentina
La otra reina Mexico
La otra reina Peru
La otra Chile
A Outra Bolena Portugal
A Outra Brazil
Die Schwester der Königin West Germany
Søstrene Boleyn Norway
Teine Boleyni tüdruk Estonia
Η άλλη ερωμένη του βασιλιά Greece
Другата Болейн Bulgaria
Ещё одна из рода Болейн Russia
Ще одна з роду Болейн Ukraine
ブーリン家の姉妹 Japan
另一个波琳家的女孩 (literal title) China
美人心機 Taiwan
華麗孽緣 Hong Kong

Children's Cast:

Daisy Doidge-Hill Young Anne
Poppy Hurst Little Catherine
Kizzy Fassett Young Mary
Finton Reilly Young George
Maisie Smith [6] Young Elizabeth

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