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Night Crossing

The Balloon Movie (USA: working title)
The Last Flight to Freedom (USA: working title)
Wind to the West (USA: working title)

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1982 February, 5
United Kingdom
West Germany
105 minutes
Drama / Family / History / Thriller
Production Company:
$ 10 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 8 000 000


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In 1978 in East Germany two families, the Strelzyks and the Wetzels,make plans to escape the Communist East and flee to the West. Peter Strelzyk comes up with a daring idea to construct a homemade air balloon big enough to carry the two families across the East-West militarized border. The border between East and West Germany is heavily militarized, complete with watch towers, guard dogs, barbed-wire, alarms, sensors, search lights and patrols. Rumors have it that some areas of the militarized border are mined. The only chance of crossing the border is by air. The Strelzyks and the Wetzels commence their risky venture by purchasing lots of taffeta fabric and sewing it together with a sewing machine in the attic. Peter Strelzyk builds an experimental homemade hot air balloon burner. In 1979 when the balloon is ready Peter and his son test it but the Wetzel family becomes hesitant. The Strelzyks decide to go alone but bad weather causes the balloon to crash inside the Communist zone. The Strelzyks leave the crash area but the incriminating evidence litters the ground. They wonder if they will be able to evade the ensuing police investigation and whether they will be able to build another balloon for their next attempt. They also are determined to persuade the Wetzel family to maybe join them in their second try. That is,if the East German Communist secret police, the Stasi, won't get to them first. - IMDb

Фильм об отчаянной попытке, предпринятой двумя немецкими семьями, перелететь из ГДР в ФРГ на самодельном воздушном шаре.

The Balloon Movie (working title) USA
Balonem na zachód (alternative title) Poland
Dramática Travessia Brazil
Éjszakai átkelés Hungary
Evadare în noapte (complete title) Romania
Flykt i natten Sweden
Fuga de noche Spain
Fuga nella notte Italy
Fuga nocturna Argentina
Fuga nocturna Colombia
The Last Flight to Freedom (working title) USA
Mit dem Wind nach Westen West Germany
Na drugą stronę Poland
Nocny lot (alternative title) Poland
La nuit de l'évasion (French title) Canada
La nuit de l'évasion France
Nyhterini apodrasi (transliterated title) Greece
Pako pimeässä Finland
Pako yössä Finland
Pasaj nocturn (literal title) Romania
Vi skal over i nat Denmark
Wind to the West (working title) USA
Νυχτερινή απόδραση Greece
Пересечение границы (Russian title) Soviet Union
気球の8人 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Doug McKeon [15] Frank Strelzyk
Keith McKeon Fitscher Strelzyk

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