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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (USA)

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1982 July, 23
114 minutes
Comedy / Musical
$ 35 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 69 701 637


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Founded in 1910 just outside of the city limits of Gilbert located in Lanville County, Texas, the Chicken Ranch has for generations been known as the best whorehouse in Texas for its wholesome fun, strict moral code and cleanliness, all perpetuated by its original owner, Miss Wulla Jean. Seven years ago, Miss Wulla Jean passed on, leaving the Chicken Ranch to her favorite working girl, Miss Mona Stangley, who wants to keep the same traditions of Miss Wulla Jean. The Chicken Ranch has always had the unofficial blessing of the local authorities, who see the ranch providing an important community service, one which most in local authority have used at one time or another in their life. In fact, Miss Mona and Lanville County Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd have been in a relationship for years, Ed Earl who is Miss Mona's protector, albeit one with a hot temper and good ol' boy attitude that doesn't exactly match the needs of his law upholding position. That blessing may change when television personality and consumer watchdog, Melvin P. Thorpe, one of the most powerful men in the state, starts an on-air exposé of the illegal activities at the Chicken Ranch, the exposé which includes Ed Earl's role in letting it happen. Ed Earl and Miss Mona's relationship goes through some difficult times on how to deal with this issue, especially with the upcoming annual party night with the players following the Thanksgiving Day football game between the University of Texas and Texas A&M, this party which is arguably the Chicken Ranch's busiest night of the year and one filled with tradition for the ranch and the participating schools. Will the Chicken Ranch be able to remain open especially in light of a spineless Governor who sways to the direction of polls, and will Ed Earl and Miss Mona's relationship be able to withstand the pressure? - IMDb

По мотивам мюзикла Ларри Л. Кинга. Шерифа Эда Эрла Додда заставляют закрыть популярное заведение под названием "Курятник", которым заведует его подруга Мона. Это происходит после того, как телесвященник объявляет "Курятник" "дьявольским местом".

The Best Little Cathouse in Texas (bowdlerized title) Canada
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas USA
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Australia
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas United Kingdom
Byens bedste horehus Denmark
La cage aux poules Canada
La cage aux poules France
La casa más divertida de Texas Spain
Det bästa lilla horhuset i Texas Sweden
Det beste lille gledeshuset i Texas Norway
Het kleinste bordeel in Texas Netherlands
A Legjobb bordélyház Texasban Hungary
La mejor casita de placer Argentina
La mejor casita de placer Venezuela
La mejor casita de placer Peru
A Melhor Casa de Prazer do Texas Portugal
A Melhor Casa Suspeita do Texas Brazil
Najlepszy mały burdelik w Teksasie Poland
Il più bel casino del Texas Italy
Das Schönste Freudenhaus in Texas West Germany
Das Schönste Freudenhaus in Texas Austria
Texasin paras pikku porttola Finland
To kalytero porneio tou Texas (transliterated title) Greece
Το καλύτερο πορνείο του Τέξας Greece
Най-хубавият малък публичен дом в Тексас Bulgaria
Найкращий бордель у Техасі Ukraine
Самый приятный бордель в Техасе Soviet Union
テキサス1の赤いバラ Japan
春城花滿天 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Bobby Fite [13] Dulcie Mae's Son

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