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27 Dresses

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

2008 January, 9
111 minutes
Comedy / Romance
$ 30 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 160 259 319


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Katherine Heigl is delightful as Jane, a self-effacing Gal Friday so addicted to organizing weddings in her off time, that 27 Dresses opens with her character juggling two nuptials on the same night. A perpetual bridesmaid, Jane’s hobby is discovered by a matrimony reporter named Kevin (James Marsden), who hides a romantic side behind his wall of cynicism. While Kevin gradually develops feelings for Jane, the latter’s superficial sister, Tess (Malin Akerman), pursues George (Edward Burns), Jane’s boss and the object of her love. This romantic circle could go on forever, except that Jane is unexpectedly moved by Kevin despite her general irritation with him and without knowing that he’s on the verge of sandbagging her with a ridiculing article in his newspaper. The situation is absurd, but the emotions are not. Heigl is very good, rooted in a long tradition of comely comediennes playing characters who fly under the radar of life. She makes Jane’s pain palpable and conveys her character’s inability to say no without making her look unappealing or weak. Marsden perfectly captures the part of a rumpled, underdressed writer with repressed passions, Akerman is as convincingly shrewish here as she was in The Heartbreak Kid, and Burns is fine as one of those guys so busy saving the world he barely pays attention to the people in his life. The script by Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) is fun if predictable, and Anne Fletcher’s direction is vibrant. - Tom Keogh

Побывав в качестве подружки невесты на 27 свадьбах, главная героиня вдруг понимает, что пора бы остановиться и задуматься уже и о собственном замужестве, но напоследок отгулять свадьбу своей сестры. Однако, выясняется, что та собралась замуж за человека, на которого «профессиональная свидетельница» как раз только успела положить глаз. Назревает конфликт…

27 bodas Argentina
27 bodas Venezuela
27 Bodas Mexico
27 bryllupper Denmark
27 de rochii Romania
27 dresses - Hääkuumetta Finland
27 Dresses Kleider machen Bräute (alternative title) Germany
27 foremata (transliterated title) Greece
27 idegen igen Hungary
27 jian lifu de mimi Taiwan
27 kleitas Latvia
27 lan cuoi Vietnam
27 robes (French title) Canada
27 robes France
27 šatů Czech Republic
27 šiat Slovakia
27 sukienek Poland
27 tao lifu (Mandarin title) China
27 vestidos Spain
27 volte in bianco Italy
27 yi ga (Cantonese title) Hong Kong
27 yi jia (Mandarin title) Hong Kong
27 φορέματα Greece
27 весіль Ukraine
27 свадeб Russia
27 сватби (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
27 хаљина за венчање Serbia
27件禮服的祕密 Taiwan
Benimle evlenir misin? (Turkish title) Turkey
Pamergė pagal užsakymą Lithuania
Pulmasõltlane Estonia
Vedno priča, nikoli nevesta Slovenia
Vestida para Casar Brazil
Vestida Para Casar Portugal
Zauvijek djeveruša, nikad nevjesta Croatia
幸せになるための27のドレス (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Alexa Gerasimovich [5] Flower Girl
David Castro [11] Pedro
Kevin DeCoste [12] Little League Player
Peyton List [9] Young Jane

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