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They Wait

They Wait (United Kingdom)

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2007 September, 7
99 minutes
Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 463 890


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A couple returns to North America for a family funeral, having lived in Shanghai, China for the previous six years. Soon after they arrive, their son Jamie begins to see ghosts and suffer possession by one of the living dead, and it all ties in with the Chinese festival of Ghost Month, when the doors of hell supposedly open and angry spirits are given the chance to terrorize the living. - IMDb

Молодая мать и ее шестилетний сын сталкиваются лицом к лицу с тайной двух убийств и ужасным преступлением против китайской общины, в которую они попали по приезду из Шанхая.

30 jours de terreur Canada
Demon Days (DVD box title) France
Demon Days Netherlands
Demon Days - Im Bann der Dämonen West Germany
Demon Days - Im Monat der Geister West Germany
Espíritos Famintos Brazil
Evil Game France
Krwawe wizje Poland
Luna fantomelor Romania
Oni cekaju Bosnia
A Szellemek havában Hungary
They Wait Canada
They Wait United Kingdom
They Wait Greece
They Wait USA
Ожидание Russia

Children's Cast:

Regan Oey Sam

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