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Blöde Mütze!


Aka: Silly's Sweet Summer (World-wide)
Director: Johannes Schmid
Year: 2007
Country: Germany
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Adventure / Family

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Moving to a new town is never easy, especially when you’re small for your age and you always seem to say the wrong thing. On the first day that Martin and his parents move to the quiet little town of Bellbach, he unwittingly tells on Oliver, a local boy caught stealing. From then on, known as ‘Silly Hat’, Martin has to bravely keep going even when the lovely Silke turns out to be Oliver’s girlfriend. Finding his own space, discovering more about the home lives which make his new friends the way they are, and managing his new-found independence from his parents, SILLY´S SWEET SUMMER is a story about growing up, doing the right thing, and finding happiness in the least expected ways.

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Children's Cast:

Johann Hillmann [13] Martin Kreitmeier
Konrad Baumann [16] Oliver Huber
Lea Eisleb [15] Silke

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