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The Virgin Suicides

The Lisbon Sisters (USA)
Sofia Coppola's the Virgin Suicides (USA: complete title)
The Virgin Suicides (Australia)

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1999 May, 19
97 minutes
Drama / Romance
$ 9 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 10 409 377


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A man about forty years of age tells the story from when he was a teenager in upscale suburban Detroit of his and three of his friends' fascination with the mysterious and doomed Lisbon sisters. In 1974, the sisters were seventeen year old Therese, sixteen year old Mary, fifteen year old Bonnie, fourteen year old Lux, and thirteen year old Cecilia. Their fascination still remains as they try to piece together the entire story. The sisters were mysteries if only because of having a strict and overprotective upbringing by their father, who taught math at the girls' private co-ed school, and overly devout Catholic mother, who largely dictated the household rules. The story focuses primarily on two incidents and the resulting situations on the girls' lives. The first was an action by Cecilia to deal with her emotions over her life. And the second was the relationship between Lux - the sister who pushed the boundaries of the household rules most overtly in doing what most teenagers want to do - and Trip Fontaine, he who could have any girl he wanted but wanting solely Lux. - IMDb

По роману Джеффри Юдженайдса. 70-е годы, провинциальный американский городок. Семья Лисбон была потрясена, когда младшая дочка, 13-летняя Сесилия, в состоянии сильнейшей депрессии почти покончила с собой. Психиатр Хорникер предположил, что родители чрезмерно ограничивают контакты девочек с мальчиками-ровесниками. Родители устроили дома вечеринку для дочерей и их гостей, но именно в разгар "веселья" Сесилия довела дело до конца, выбросившись из окна. Родители поняли, что надо уделять больше внимания оставшимся в живых дочерям. Только, наверное, даже сами девочки не подозревали, что им тоже недолго осталось жить на свете...

Aftoheires parthenoi (transliterated title) Greece
As Virgens Suicidas Brazil
As Virgens Suicidas Portugal
Cri ultime Canada
Deviski samomori Slovenia
Das Geheimnis ihres Todes West Germany
Il giardino delle vergini suicide Italy
Jaunosios savižudės Lithuania
Las vírgenes suicidas Argentina
Las vírgenes suicidas Spain
The Lisbon Sisters USA
Masumiyetin İntiharı Turkey
Öngyilkos szüzek Hungary
Przekleństwa niewinności Poland
Samoubojstva u mladosti Croatia
Samoubojstvo nevinih Croatia
Sinuciderea fecioarelor Romania
Smrt panen Czechoslovakia
Sofia Coppola's the Virgin Suicides (complete title) USA
Süütud enesetapud Estonia
Les verges suïcides Spain
Vírgenes suicidas (original subtitled version) Uruguay
Vírgenes suicidas Mexico
Virgin Suicides France
Virgin Suicides Sweden
Virgin Suicides Finland
Virgin Suicides - Kauniina kuolleet Finland
The Virgin Suicides - Verlorene Jugend West Germany
The Virgin Suicides Australia
The Virgin Suicides South Africa
The Virgin Suicides Israel
The Virgin Suicides Singapore
The Virgin Suicides Ecuador
The Virgin Suicides USA
The Virgin Suicides Austria
The Virgin Suicides Canada
The Virgin Suicides South Korea
The Virgin Suicides Netherlands
The Virgin Suicides India
The Virgin Suicides United Kingdom
The Virgin Suicides India
The Virgin Suicides United Arab Emirates
The Virgin Suicides Denmark
The Virgin Suicides Egypt
The Virgin Suicides Philippines
The Virgin Suicides Thailand
Αυτόχειρες παρθένοι Greece
Девственницы-самоубийцы Russia
Незаймані самогубці Ukraine
Обречени да умрат Bulgaria
Самоубиство девица Serbia
Смрт недужних Serbia
ヴァージン・スーサイズ Japan
ヴァージン・スーサイズ Japan
死亡日記 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Kirsten Dunst [17] Lux Lisbon
Chelse Swain [15] Bonnie Lisbon
Hanna Hall [14] Cecilia Lisbon
Jonathan Tucker [16] Tim Weiner
FourTee [16] Parkie Denton
Melody Johnson [16] Julie
Kristin Fairlie [16] Amy Schraff

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