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Stay Tuned

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

1992 August, 14
88 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy
Production Company:
$ 25 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 10 736 401


The Knables are having marriage problems: Roy is a lousy plumbing supplies salesman by day and couch potato by night, and his wife, Helen, is a successful senior product manager for a vitamin company. Roy watches too much TV every night and Helen just cannot stand it. Then one night, Helen offers Roy a night to save their relationship: a romantic getaway without phones, their children, and especially no TV. Unfortunately, when Roy's hooked on the big screen, there's no going back. This frustrates and angers her and Helen decides to smash the family console with one of Roy's trophies as a wake-up call to reality. A heartbroken-to-disoriented Roy then hears the doorbell and finds out that it's a mysterious salesman named Spike who offers him the "ultimate getaway" from all the hate, frustration, and failures: a new remote controller and a new state-of-the-art satellite TV. Roy accepts the new TV by signing a free trial contract not knowing that he just sold his soul to the devil himself. But later, Helen is both not impressed and steamed. After a fight outside, the "dish" activates. Roy and Helen try as hard as possible to escape, but it was too late for the force of gravity from the dish sucks them into the "Cable Television World of Hell" - all six hundred and sixty-six channels worth. Now they must survive through every episode of shows such as the game show "You Can't Win", the U.W.W.F. (Underworld Wrestling Federation) match, "Northern Overexposure", "Driving Over Miss Daisy" and a cartoon sequence called "RoboCat", "Autopsies of the Rich and Famous", "Duane's Underworld", "HTV", and "Off With His Head", all within 24 hours. If successful, they will return back to home, but if they fail, the devil keeps their souls forever. After they survived one day without harm, Roy gets sent back home while Spike hold Helen hostage. Now with the help of their children, Daryl, a communication whiz, and Diane, a fashion freak, Roy must re-enter the underworld of Hell Vision TV and save his wife, while keeping a distance from Spike. It is then that Roy will learn the hard way that there's more things in life than only a television. Like commitment. (Formerly written by Christopher Howell) - IMDb

Рой Нэйбл не отходил от телевизора ни на минуту, просто глаз от него не отводил. Только придет домой - и сразу к телевизору. На жену Хелен он совершенно не обращал внимания, и та, отчаявшись вразумить непутевого мужаа, уже собралась от него уходить. Но вдруг ее и Роя затянуло в антенну, установленную у них в саду неким мрачным господином, заключившим с Роем странный контракт. И оказались супруги в подземном "Ад-Видении". Не телевидение, а сущий ад. Чету Нэйблов ждет вынужденное "гостевое участие" в многочисленных кошмарных шоу, среди которых "Переехать мисс Дэйзи", "Вскрытие богатых и знаменитых", "Адское MTV", "Колесо пыток", "Северное обнажение до костей", а также встреча с персонажем, по имени "Робо-кот". Заправляет всем этим дьявольским телевизионным безобразием продюсер из ада. Если Нэйблы смогут выжить в течение 24 часов, то вернутся домой. Если же нет, то их закроют, как и любое шоу с низким рейтингом...

Ba Ma Bemanid (Persian title) Iran
Fique Ligado em Paranoias Parabólicas Brazil
Frecvențe periculoase Romania
Frequenze pericolose Italy
Höllische Spiele Germany
Nie zmieniajcie kanalu Poland
Os Malucos da TV Portugal
Ostanite se naprej z nami Slovenia
Ostanite uključeni Serbia
Permanezca en sintonía Spain
Rak Ani Veha'shalat Sheli (Hebrew title) Israel
Restez à l'écoute (French title) Canada
Siga en sintonía Argentina
Stay Tuned - Höllische Spiele Germany
Stay Tuned - Mit der Fernbedienung in die Hölle Germany
Teledili Hungary
Télémaniacs France
TV-terror Sweden
TV-Terrori Finland
Оставайтесь с нами Russia
Останете на канала (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
カウチポテト・アドベンチャー (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

David Tom [14] Darryl Knable / Narrator
Heather McComb [15] Diane Knable
Shane Meier [15] Yogi Beer
Andrea Nemeth [14] Girlfriend #2

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