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Author: moviegirls

Forum: Add Movie/Actor
Subject: Hide and Seek (1996) -- Su Friedrich
Posted: 9 Sep 2008
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Hide and Seek is a daring exploration into wild, uncharted territory--lesbian adolescence in the 1960's. Lou is a 12 year old girl who daydreams in a tree house, tries not to watch a sex education...
Forum: Add Movie/Actor
Subject: I'll See you in my Dreams 1951
Posted: 13 May 2007
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bunny is actually 11 in the film born 1940. plays a 6 yr old. her teeth arenot baby teeth. This is pretty common, especially with older films but is still seen somewhat today, too. The boy in...
Forum: Celebrity and Movie Discussions
Subject: moviegirls question for you.
Posted: 29 Apr 2007
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I don't know her name, but she played Jeanne in Tom et Lola, one of the three nudist kids they meet later in the film.
Forum: Celebrity and Movie Discussions
Subject: Oscar likes Abigail Breslin
Posted: 27 Jan 2007
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10yo Abigail Breslin is up for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar. Win or not, that's a tremendous honor, but I'm sure we'll all be rooting for her. Go Abby!!!
Forum: Add Movie/Actor
Subject: Nobody Loves Me (Personne ne m'aime)
Posted: 18 Jun 2006
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Is this the one with Judith Vittet of the City of Lost Children?
Forum: Celebrity and Movie Discussions
Subject: Actors in Tom et Lola
Posted: 30 Oct 2005
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We know that Neil Stubbs and Mélodie Collin played the roles of Tom and Lola, but who played the three children at their nurse's house. Their character names were given as Michel (11), Jeanne (10)...
Forum: Looking for Movie Title
Subject: Anyone seen this one?
Posted: 30 Oct 2005
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There should be a summary on imdb, but it doesn't matter anymore. I fetched it & browsed through it on fast fwd, nothing of interest. Good to know, thanks for the info. I also wonder about...
Forum: Celebrity and Movie Discussions
Subject: Favorite qualities in a girl-movie
Posted: 22 Oct 2005
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What are some of your favorite aspects of girl movies? That is, what makes you like the movie?