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Author: Chr1sMcKn1ght

Movie: Vuelve (2013)
Posted: 21 Apr 2013
Beautiful film and another great creation by Iv?n Noel. I seen this finally for the first time and planning on purchasing the film on DVD. I'm planning on purchasing his other films. I loved this one...
Movie: Crush (2013)
Posted: 19 Apr 2013
I thought this one was a really good thriller. Romantic, crazy, suspenseful at the same time. Cody Hamilton and Ashleigh Craig did great although they just was in the fist scene and played one part...
Movie: Misdirection (2010)
Posted: 20 Mar 2013
Phenomenal short film and great acting from the children's cast. A very magical film for all.
Movie: Bicycle (2013)
Posted: 8 Mar 2013
Such a wonderful short film by Bharat Kamma. Great work and amazing acting from Sumanth Raj and Sohail. A must watch!
Movie: Shiloh (1996)
Posted: 27 Oct 2012
Shiloh is a wonderful film and a incredible classic. Amazing acting and performances. A Well written film and story. The book by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was a great book and the film brought it to...
Movie: Tommy and the Cool Mule (2009)
Posted: 24 Oct 2012
A pretty good and funny family movie. Wonderful acting from the child stars and the adult cast. I recommend this one to all families and children who loves family films. This one was enjoyable and...
Movie: Iver (2004)
Posted: 5 Oct 2012
Iver was a beautiful short film to watch. Amazing acting from Erik N?sbak Brenden. The short story pulled off very well. It's a good short film to see. I recommend it.
Movie: Mikey (1992)
Posted: 30 Sep 2012
This one was pretty good and a classic. I thought it was good for a one time watch. Amazing acting from Brian Bonsall. The 90's bring back so many memories from films like this one and amazing child...
Movie: Tomboy (2011)
Posted: 26 Sep 2012
This film was a heartfelt film and had a great story and message. The film, cast, and all was wonderful. I recommend it to everyone. May God bless this film. If you haven't yet seen it go see or...
Movie: Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007)
Posted: 26 Sep 2012
Wonderful holiday film for all ages. The storyline was perfect and the whole cast did fantastic including Max Baldry he was awesome in the film with his appearance he had a good personality and...

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