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Director: Bharat Kamma
Year: 2010
Country: India
Genre: Short

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Dream. As a child, we all have dreams. 8 year old Tillu's dream is to ride a bicycle. Tillu endlessly pleads his elder brother Sameer to teach him riding bicycle. Sameer refuses to teach without seeking their mother's permission. Tillu's pleadings go futile. Days pass by. Tillu doesn't lose hope and continues to pursue Sameer and his mother. At last, one day, irritated and pleased by Tillu's stubborn behavior, his mother agrees and tells him Sameer will teach him Bicycle on Sunday. 'Bicycle' captures Tillu's emotions... his hurdles, failures and finally his success with a stunning climax...

Children's Cast:

Sumanth Raj Tillu
Sohail Sameer

User Commentaries:

Posted: 8 Mar 2013, 14:23
Such a wonderful short film by Bharat Kamma. Great work and amazing acting from Sumanth Raj and Sohail. A must watch!
Rating: 10

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