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A Time of Destiny

Destiny (USA)
A Time of Destiny (USA)

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1988 April, 22
118 minutes
Drama / War
Production Company:
$ 8 500 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 1 212 487


Josie elopes with Jack against her father's wishes. Her father follows her to the hotel where they are staying and forces Josie to go with him. Jack in turn follows resulting in an accident that leaves her father dead. Marty her brother, who was despised by their father over something he did years ago, sees Jack while grieving over his father and then follows him to Europe where they were fighting the war and was about to kill Jack, when something happened that prevented him. The next thing he knows is that the two of them are being decorated, and somehow the two of them become comrades in arms but when the war ends will their friendship continue or will Marty continue what he set out to do in the beginning? - IMDb

Blind hævn Denmark
Czas przeznaczenia Poland
Destiny USA
Destiny Italy
La fuerza del destino Spain
Il grande odio Italy
Kader zamanı Turkey
Kohtalon aika (video box title) Finland
Momento do Destino Brazil
Ödets vindar Sweden
Sti thyella tou pathous (transliterated title) Greece
Tempo de Amar, Tempo de Matar Portugal
Le temps du destin France
A Time of Destiny Yugoslavia
A Time of Destiny USA
A Time of Destiny United Kingdom
Tú eres mi destino Argentina
デスティニー 愛は果てしなく Japan

Children's Cast:

Justin Gocke [10] Young Martin

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