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Kingpin (USA)

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1996 July, 4
114 minutes
Comedy / Sport
$ 27 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 25 023 434


Roy Munson was raised to be the best bowler in the world (trained early on by his father). But a fellow bowler, Ernie McCracken and a misunderstanding with some rough punks, leaves poor Roy with the loss of his bowling hand! Not to let this get him down, he gets a prosthetic hand and becomes a travelling sales man. But it's really all down hill for him from that night on until ... One day he meets Ishmael who is Amish and sneaks away from the farm to bowl (his fellow Amish would disown him if they knew)! Roy convinces Ishmael to let him be his trainer and he'll make him the best bowler the world has ever seen. Reluctantly Ishmael agrees to go on the road and shortly afterwards actually finds that life outside the farm is quite fun. Soon their paths cross that of Ernie McCracken who is still a top ranking bowler. While Roy's career and life have landed in the toilet bowl, Ernie is still drawing huge crowds and all the babes! They both square off for the ultimate bowling championship ... to see which one truly IS the champion. - IMDb

В 1979 году Рой Мэнсон стал чемпионом страны по боулингу. Он был счастлив. Но, опьяненный успехом, поддался уговорам жулика Эрни МакКрэкена и дал втянуть себя в сомнительную авантюру. Расплата была жестокой: Рой лишился правой руки. Последующие 17 лет он зарабатывал на жизнь, поднося спортивное оборудование и подавая мячи резиновой рукой. Но однажды Рой увидел молодого паренька Исмаила Бурга, у которого был прирожденный талант к боулингу. И Мэнсон решает с его помощью достичь того, чего не смог добиться в молодости сам.

Kegliu karalius Lithuania
Kingpin Sweden
Kingpin Singapore
Kingpin USA
Kingpin South Africa
Kingpin Australia
Kingpin Canada
Kingpin Denmark
Kingpin Ecuador
Kingpin United Kingdom
Kingpin India
Kingpin Italy
Kingpin Netherlands
Kingpin - Zwei Trottel auf der Bowlingbahn West Germany
Kingpin: Estes Loucos Reis do Boliche Brazil
Kralj kuglanja Serbia
Kralj svih glavonja Croatia
Kręglogłowi Poland
Locos por el juego Argentina
Locos por el juego Mexico
O Rei do Bowling Portugal
Raptiye Turkey
Le roi de la quille Canada
Strike France
Täysnuijat Finland
Tökös tekés Hungary
Trelos apo heri (transliterated title) Greece
Vaya par de idiotas Spain
Vua Bowling Vietnam
Τρελός από χέρι Greece
Заводила Russia
Королі боулінгу Ukraine
Кралят на боулинга Bulgaria
キングピン ストライクへの道 Japan
王牌保齡球 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Will Rothhaar [9] Young Roy

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