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Deck the Halls

All Lit Up (USA: working title)

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2006 November, 22
93 minutes
Comedy / Family
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 47 231 070


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Optometrist Steve Finch loves those Christmas traditions he has set up with his family and his town. As such, he has a schedule of activities for his family starting on December 1st, and is the official unofficial consultant for anything Christmas related in his town of Cloverdale, Massachusetts. During the Christmas season, the Halls move in to the house across the street from the Finch's. The Halls in general are different in outlook and temperament than the Finches. Unlike Steve, Buddy Hall scams his way through life and never follows through with anything he starts. While Kelly Finch and Tia Hall - Steve's wife and Buddy's wife respectively - and their children begin friendships based largely on those differences, Steve and Buddy butt heads based on those differences. It begins with Buddy striving to have his house seen from outer space by decorating it as lavishly and brightly as possible. One of the results of Buddy's task his that he becomes the new go to guy for anything Christmas related in Cloverdale, usurping Steve's coveted position. As Steve and Buddy's open animosity grows, they may threaten the joy of Christmas for all, most specifically their families who have their own ideas of what they would like to do over the Christmas season. - IMDb

После неожиданной потери мужа, женщина и ее сын возвращаются домой из большого города, чтобы работать на игрушечной фабрике ее отца. Когда исполнительный директор начинает ставить ей палки в колеса, она понимает, что тяжелая работа и любовь могут сотворить чудо.

À vos marques, prêts, décorez! (French title) Canada
All Lit Up (working title) USA
Bitka za Božić Croatia
Blendende Weihnachten - ...mein Nachbar ist nicht der Hellste (DVD title) Germany
Budiz svetlo Czech Republic
Conciati per le feste Italy
Craciun cu scântei Romania
Hristougenna stin priza (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Kiskarácsony mindenáron Hungary
Loistavat naapurit Finland
En lysande jul Sweden
Milijonas sventiniu lempuciu Lithuania
Una navidad muy prendida Venezuela
Una navidad muy prendida Argentina
Um Natal Brilhante Brazil
Um Vizinho a Apagar Portugal
Un vecino con pocas luces Spain
Un vecino con pocas luces (cable TV title) Mexico
Voisin contre voisin France
Wesolych Swiat Poland
Χριστούγεννα στην πρίζα Greece
Добро пожаловать, или Соседям вход воспрещён Russia
Космическа Коледа (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Ласкаво просимо, або сусiдам вхiд заборонено Ukraine
Украсить залы Russia

Children's Cast:

Alia Shawkat [17] Madison Finch
Quinn Lord [7] Santa Kid
Calum Worthy [15] Boy On Bike
Dylan Blue Carter Finch
Nicola Peltz [11] Mackenzie

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