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Une femme douce

A Gentle Creature (United Kingdom)
A Gentle Woman (United Kingdom)

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1969 June, 23
88 minutes
Drama / Romance
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 2 356

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A young woman kills herself, leaving no explanation to her grief-stricken pawnbroker husband. We learn in flashback about how they met, married, and how she failed to adapt her lifestyle to his. Disgusted with his attempts to dominate her, she considered murdering him, but found herself unable to do it... - IMDb

Фильм выдающегося режиссёра Робера Брессона по мотивам одноименного рассказа Ф.М. Достоевского.

Barnebruden Denmark
Così bella così dolce Italy
A Gentle Creature United Kingdom
A Gentle Woman Canada
A Gentle Woman United Kingdom
A Gentle Woman USA
A Gentle Woman  
Una mujer dulce Mexico
Una mujer dulce Spain
Die Sanfte West Germany
Sfioasa Romania
Suloinen nainen Finland
Egy Szelíd asszony Hungary
Tatlı Bir Kadın Turkey
To drama mias omorfis (transliterated title) Greece
Uma Mulher Delicada Brazil
Uma Mulher Meiga Portugal
Uma Mulher Suave Brazil
Une femme douce Canada
Une femme douce Ecuador
Une femme douce France
Yasashii onna Japan
Łagodna Poland
Кротката Bulgaria
Кроткая Soviet Union
やさしい女 Japan
溫柔女子 Hong Kong
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Children's Cast:

Dominique Sanda [18] Elle

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