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Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye (USA)

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1996 January, 12
101 minutes
Crime / Drama / Thriller
Production Company:
$ 20 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 26 877 589


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Karen McCann's eldest daughter is raped and murdered whilst on the phone with her. When the case against Robert Doob, the perpetrator, is dismissed because of a technicality, she starts following him and sees how he checks out his next victim, a woman he delivers groceries to. She tells the police, but is only warned she must stop following Doob. When she tries to warn the woman, she is shooed out of the house. Doob, having found out that Karen is following him, threatens to do something to her youngest daughter. She then seeks help from a group of vigilantes connected to a support group, in order to shoot Doob. However, a friend from the support group turns out to be an FBI agent investigating the very vigilante activity Karen is involved in and warns her that she will go to jail for the rest of her life unless it is self-defense. In the meantime, tension grows between Karen and her husband Mack, because he finds out she has secretly been taking self-defense classes and has been learning how to use a gun. When Doob makes another victim and is again released for lack of evidence, she finds a way to lure him into her house and kill him in self-defense. - IMDb

По роману Эрики Хольцер. Мать звонит дочери по телефону и слышит, как ее насилуют и убивают. Суд выпускает подонка за недостатком улик, и тогда в несчастной женщине созревает решение взять правосудие в свои руки. Помогают ей в этом люди, которые также потеряли близких, погибших насильственной смертью, но нажать курок она должна сама...

Au-delà des lois France
Auge um Auge Austria
Auge um Auge West Germany
Eye for an Eye Netherlands
Eye for an Eye Philippines
Eye for an Eye Singapore
Eye for an Eye Thailand
Eye for an Eye USA
Eye for an Eye South Africa
Eye for an Eye Australia
Eye for an Eye Canada
Eye for an Eye Denmark
Eye for an Eye Ecuador
Eye for an Eye United Kingdom
Eye for an Eye Hong Kong
Eye for an Eye India
Eye for an Eye India
Eye for an Eye (Ojo por ojo) Spain
Göze göz Turkey
Ochi pentru ochi si dinte pentru dinte Romania
Oeil pour oeil Canada
Ofthalmon anti ofthalmou (transliterated title) Greece
Öga för öga Sweden
Ojo por ojo Argentina
Ojo por ojo Mexico
Ojo por ojo Peru
Oko za oko Poland
Oko za oko Serbia
Olho por Olho Brazil
Olho por Olho Portugal
La prossima vittima Italy
Silmä Silmästä (video box title) Finland
Szemet szemért Hungary
Øye for øye Norway
Οφθαλμόν αντί οφθαλμού Greece
Око за око Bulgaria
Око за око Russia
Око за око Ukraine
レイジング・ブレット 復讐の銃弾 Japan
以眼还眼 China
逍遥法外 China

Children's Cast:

Ross Bagley [7] Sean Kosinsky
Zack Eginton Obnoxious Boy
Alexandra Kyle [7] Megan McCann

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