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A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill (USA)

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1996 July, 24
149 minutes
Crime / Drama / Thriller
Production Company:
$ 40 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 152 266 007


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In Canton, Mississippi, 10-year-old Tonya Hailey is viciously brutalized by two white racist rednecks -- James Louis "Pete" Willard and Billy Ray Cobb. Almost immediately after Tonya is found and rushed to a hospital, Pete and Billy Ray are found at a roadside bar, where they had been bragging about what they did to Tonya. Tonya's understandably distraught and enraged father, Carl Lee Hailey, remembers a case from a year ago, when four white men raped an African-American girl in a nearby town, and got acquitted. Carl is determined to not let that happen in this case. While deputy Dwayne Powell Looney is escorting Pete and Billy Ray up a flight of stairs to a court room, Carl emerges from the building's basement with an assault rifle, and he kills Pete and Billy Ray for what they did to Tonya. Carl is later arrested at his house by African-American sheriff Ozzie Walls, and Carl is scheduled to be placed on trial. Despite the efforts of the NAACP and local African-American leaders to persuade Carl to choose some of their high-powered attorneys, Carl wants to be represented by his friend Jake Tyler Brigance, who has a wife named Carla and a daughter named Hannah. Presiding over the trial is white judge Omar Noose, and the prosecution attorney is Rufus Buckley, who would like nothing more than to win the case and swim in the publicity that a win would generate, because Rufus realizes that a murder conviction could help him gain higher office. Helping Jake on the case are his former law professor Lucien Wilbanks, fellow attorney Harry Rex Vonner, and law student Ellen Roark. Ellen has had experience with death penalty cases, and that's exactly what Rufus may be seeking. To start things off, Noose denies bail and denies Jake's petition for a change of venue. Carl has also been fired from his job. Billy Ray Cobb's brother Freddie Lee Cobb wants revenge on Carl, so Freddy gets the help of the Mississippi branch of the KKK, led by Mississippi grand dragon Stump Sisson. Carl's wife Gwen tells Carl that a doctor has said that because of Pete and Billy Ray, Tonya's reproductive organs are damaged enough to where she won't be able to have kids when she grows up. That night, a KKK member is found trying to plant a bomb under Jake's porch. Jake's secretary Ethel Twitty and her husband Bud are also attacked by the KKK. Still, Jake, Harry, Lucien, and Ellen continue to help Carl. On the day the trial begins, there is a riot outside the court building between the KKK and the area's African-American residents, and Stump Sisson is killed by a molotov cocktail that was dropped from a roof by one of Carl's sons, who was not seen dropping it. Freddy and the KKK start burning crosses throughout Canton, and one of the crosses burns Jake's house down while Jake and his family are not home. As a result, the National Guard is called to Canton to keep the peace during the trial. But Freddy is not about to let that stop him. While Freddy continues his efforts to get revenge on Carl for Billy Ray's death, Carl's attorneys put everything they've got into Carl's defense. - IMDb

По роману Джона Гришема. В штате Миссиссиппи молодые белые подонки изнасиловали и бросили, сочтя мертвой, несовершеннолетнюю негритянскую девочку. Ее отец, не надеясь на эффективность белого правосудия, вооружился автоматом и застрелил негодяев, серьезно ранив охранника. За его защиту взялся молодой юрист. На помощь приходит студентка юрфака, определившая во многом успех его защиты.

Aeg tappa Estonia
Cas za ubijanje Slovenia
Čas zabíjet Czechoslovakia
Čas zabiť Slovakia
Czas zabijania Poland
Le droit de tuer ? France
Ha ölni kell Hungary
I etymigoria (transliterated title) Greece
Die Jury Austria
Die Jury West Germany
Juryn Finland
Juryn - A Time to Kill Sweden
Metas žudyti Lithuania
Il momento di uccidere Italy
Một Thời Để Giết Vietnam
Non coupable Canada
Öldürme Zamanı Turkey
On aika tappaa Finland
Tempo de Matar Brazil
Tempo de Matar Portugal
Tid for hevn Norway
Tiempo de matar Argentina
Tiempo de matar Spain
Tiempo de matar Mexico
Tiempo de matar Peru
Tiempo de matar (original subtitled version) Uruguay
Tiempo para matar Venezuela
A Time to Kill USA
A Time to Kill Ecuador
A Time to Kill Egypt
A Time to Kill United Kingdom
A Time to Kill Hong Kong
A Time to Kill Indonesia
A Time to Kill Israel
A Time to Kill India
A Time to Kill India
A Time to Kill Netherlands
A Time to Kill Philippines
A Time to Kill Singapore
A Time to Kill Thailand
A Time to Kill USA
A Time to Kill  
A Time to Kill United Arab Emirates
A Time to Kill South Africa
A Time to Kill Australia
A Time to Kill Canada
A Time to Kill Denmark
Un temps pour tuer Canada
Vremea razbunarii Romania
Vrijeme ubijanja Croatia
Η ετυμηγορία Greece
Време да убиваш Bulgaria
Време за убијање Serbia
Время убивать Russia
Час убивати Ukraine
殺戮時刻 Taiwan
評決のとき Japan
타임 투 킬 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Rae'Ven Larrymore Kelly [11] Tonya Hailey
Alexandra Kyle [7] Hannah Brigance

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