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And God Created Woman

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1988 March, 4
100 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Romance
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 717 376

Aspiring and incarcerated rock singer, Robin Shea (Rebecca De Mornay) seduces prison guard Billy Moran (Vincent Spano). Robin marries Billy to get out of jail, but Robin's concerns are on politician James Tiernan (Frank Langella). - IMDb

...és Isten megteremté a nőt Hungary
Adams kesse Rippe West Germany
E Deus Criou a Mulher Brazil
E Deus Criou a Mulher Portugal
E Dio creò la donna Italy
I Bóg stworzył kobietę Poland
Ja Jumala loi naisen Finland
Kai o Theos eplase ti gynaika (transliterated title) Greece
Och gud skapade kvinnan Sweden
Og Gud skapte kvinnen Norway
V'Elohim Bara et Ha-Eesha (Hebrew title) Israel
Ve Allah Kadını Yarattı (Turkish title) Turkey
Y Dios creó a la mujer Chile
Y Dios creó a la mujer Mexico
Y la creó para el escándalo Spain
И Бог создал женщину (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Jamie McEnnan [9] Timmy Moran

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