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Mi casa es tu casa

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2002 April, 30
92 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 197 117

Luis, a successful writer in his thirties, travels to Begur (a small town in the Costa Brava) with the intention of finishing his last book. When he asks his ex wife for the keys, he finds out that she has sold the house. Knowing that the new owner is away from Spain on a trip, Jorge moves in to what used to be his house determined to finish his work. However, Elena, the new owner's daughter, decides to spend a few days in Begur. From this point on confusing situations bring the main characters closer and further away from each other. - IMDb

Czuj się jak u siebie Poland
Én házam a te házad Hungary
Mi casa es tu casa Spain
Ospitalità cercasi Italy

Children's Cast:

Juan José Ballesta [14] Elia
Laura Ballesta Niña Escalera

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