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The Wanderers

The Wanderers (Australia)

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1979 July, 4
112 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 14 492

The Wanderers is a teenage, Italian gang in Bronx, NYC, 1963. They have their confrontations with other gangs. Drugs and weapons are uncool. Adult life awaits them. - IMDb

Asfaltungdom Norway
Atithasoi mahites (transliterated title) Greece
Gänget Sweden
A Gangue da Pesada Brazil
Las pandillas del Bronx Spain
Lutalice Serbia
Os 'Vagabundos' de Nova-York Portugal
Los pandilleros Argentina
Los pandilleros Colombia
Los pandilleros Mexico
Les seigneurs Canada
Les seigneurs France
Uygunsuzlar Turkey
Vaeltajat (short title) Finland
Vaeltajat - Suurkaupungin jengi (video box title) Finland
Vandrarna - storstadsgänget Finland
Wanderers Hungary
The Wanderers - I nuovi guerrieri Italy
The Wanderers - Terror in der Bronx West Germany
The Wanderers  
The Wanderers Australia
The Wanderers Canada
The Wanderers USA
The Wanderers Denmark
The Wanderers Ecuador
The Wanderers United Kingdom
The Wanderers (video box title) Netherlands
The Wanderers Singapore
The Wanderers USA
The Wanderers: Terror in der Bronx West Germany
Włóczęgi Poland
Ατίθασοι μαχητές Greece
Скитниците Bulgaria
Странники Soviet Union
ワンダラーズ Japan

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