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Love and Death

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1975 June, 10
85 minutes
Comedy / War
$ 3 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 20 123 742


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In Russia, Boris Grushenko is in love with his pseudo-intellectual cousin Sonja, who loves him since he too is a pseudo-intellectual, but she is not in love with him. Instead she is in love with his brother Ivan. But as Ivan doesn't seem to return her affections, she is determined to marry someone - anyone - except Boris. If that person isn't the perfect husband, then she has to find a suitable lover in addition. Boris' pursuit of Sonja has to take a back seat in his life when he, a pacifist and coward, is forced to join the Russian Army to battle Napoleon's forces which have just invaded Austria. Despite Sonja not being in the picture while he's away at war, Boris' thoughts do not stray totally from women. Although they take these two divergent paths in their lives, those paths cross once again as they, together, both try to find the perfect spouse and lover, and try to assassinate Napoleon. - IMDb

Очень смешной, особенно для нас, фильм, в котором Аллен "издевается" над русской литературой, какой она видится экранизаторам русских романов девятнадцатого века ("Война и мир", "Братья Карамазовы"). Весь фильм практически представляет собой пародию. Молодой русский дворянин из провинции пытается избежать призыва на войну с Наполеоном. Он ведет бесконечные "интеллигентские" разговоры со своей кузиной. Политика, философия и война - эти высокие материи стали темой бесконечного фейерверка иронии и юмора.

Ahava Oo'Mavet (Hebrew title) Israel
Amor y muerte: La última noche de Boris Grushenko Mexico
Amore e guerra Italy
Död och pina Sweden
Guerre et amour (French title) Canada
Guerre et amour France
Kærlighed og død Denmark
Die Letzte Nacht des Boris Gruschenko Austria
Die Letzte Nacht des Boris Gruschenko West Germany
Ljubav i smrt Serbia
Milosc i smierc Poland
Nem Guerra, Nem Paz Portugal
O eirinopoios (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Oorlog en liefde (Flemish title) Belgium
Sota ja rakkaus eli älkää ampuko Napoleonia Finland
Szerelem és halál Hungary
L'última nit de Boris Grushenko (Catalan title) Spain
La última noche de Boris Grushenko Spain
La última noche de Boris Grushenko Argentina
La última noche de Boris Grushenko Peru
La última noche de Boris Grushenko Uruguay
A Última Noite de Bóris Grushenko Brazil
Ο Ειρηνοποιός Greece
Любов и смърт (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Alfred Lutter III [13] Young Boris

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