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Crimes of Passion

Ken Russell's Crimes of Passion (Australia)

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1984 October, 19
107 minutes
Drama / Romance / Thriller
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 2 912 945


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The thirty year-old hard-worker Bobby Grady is married with two children with the frigid Amy Grady and their marriage is in crisis. Bobby is invited to work in the night shift for the owner of a fashion designer studio that believes that his talented designer Joanna Crane, who is very introspective, is selling his designs to competitors. Bobby accepts the job to make money and please Amy with a bathtub and follows Joanna after hours. He discovers that she has a double life, working as a fifty-dollar hooker called China Blue in the red light district and practicing kinky sex with her clients to satisfy their fantasies. Bobby becomes obsessed by China Blue and when the true thief is found, he has sex with her and they have a crush on each other. Meanwhile the insane preacher Rev. Peter Shayne (Anthony Perkins) decides to save Joanna's soul and stalks her everywhere. - IMDb

В этой эротической драме с элементами триллера много смысловых слоев, и один из них лежит, что называется, на поверхности. Режиссер призывает зрителя поразмышлять о загадочности, двойственности женской души. Такой загадкой и предстает перед нами героиня, которую играет Тернер - днем она модельер-дизайнер, а вечером... проститутка по кличке Голубая китаянка. Но это не изначальная порочность женской натуры, а скорее бегство от самой себя. Однажды у Голубой китаянки появляется новый клиент, последующие встречи с которым многое меняют в ее судьбе...

As Noites de China Blue Portugal
China Blue (Flemish title) Belgium
China Blue Italy
China Blue Sweden
China Blue - Intohimorikoksia (DVD title) Finland
China Blue - nattens tilbud Denmark
China Blue bei Tag und Nacht West Germany
China Blue: nattens hemlighet (TV title) Sweden
Crímenes de pasión Mexico
Crímenes de pasión Peru
Crimes de Paixão Brazil
Intohimorikoksia Finland
Les jours et les nuits de China Blue (French title) Canada
Les jours et les nuits de China Blue France
Ken Russell's Crimes of Passion Australia
Kuraimu obu passhon Japan
Las noches y los días de China Blue (alternative title) Mexico
Nyhtes tis China Blue (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
La pasión de China Blue Spain
La pasión de China Blue (Castilian title) Spain
La passió de China Blue (Catalan title) Spain
Passionsbrott (Swedish title) Finland
Szenvedélyes bűnök Hungary
Tutku suçlari (Turkish title) Turkey
Zbrodnie namietnosci Poland
Zločin iz strasti Serbia
Преступление на почве страсти (Russian title) Soviet Union
Престъпления от страст (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Seth Wagerman Jimmy Grady

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