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Salinjaui gieokbeob

Another Memory (World-wide)
Memoir of a Murderer (Australia)
A Murderer's Guide to Memorization (World-wide)

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2017 September, 7
South Korea
118 minutes
Action / Crime / Thriller
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 19 015 346


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Former serial killer Byung-su gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The doctor tells him that it's due to the aftereffects from a traffic accident 17 years ago; the same accident that stopped him from his killings and allowed him to live a normal life with his dear daughter. So when a series of murders occurs near his town, Byung-su gets worried whether the killings are his doing during his memory lapses. But then he comes across Tae-ju and instinctively realizes that he is the serial killer. He reports this to the police, only to learn that Tae-ju is one. Byung-su tries to find firm evidence that Tae-ju is a psychopath, but only raises Tae-ju's interest in him and his daughter. And now with his memory slipping, Byung-su must find a way to protect his daughter from Tae-ju. - IMDb

Серийный убийца Ким Бён-су завязал 17 лет назад. Живёт теперь со взрослой дочерью и болезнью Альцгеймера и подумывает сдаться в дом престарелых, когда в округе вновь происходят убийства. Столкнувшись однажды в тумане с другим автомобилем, Бён-су замечает кровь в багажнике и явно человеческое тело, а у хозяина авто — такой же холодный взгляд убийцы.

Another Memory (World-wide)  
Czlowiek bez pamieci Poland
Diario de un asesino Argentina
Egy Gyilkos emléke Hungary
Memoari serijskog ubice Serbia
Memoir of a Murderer (English title) Canada
Memoir of a Murderer Australia
Memoir of a Murderer USA
Memoir of a Murderer (World-wide)  
La mémoire assassine France
Memorias de un asesino Spain
A Murderer's Guide to Memorization (World-wide)  
Воспоминания убийцы Russia
殺人者の記憶法 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Rin-Ah Shin [8] Eun-hee (child)

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