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The Forgotten

My Rating: /10
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2004 September, 24
91 minutes
Drama / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
$ 42 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 117 592 831


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In New York City, Telly Paretta has been under the psychiatric care of Dr. Jack Munce for fourteen months, the therapy to help her deal with the grief associated with losing her nine year old son, Sam Paretta, one of six children in a plane that went missing, the plane and the bodies never recovered. In the words of Telly's husband, Jim Paretta, Telly has been holding onto the past like a "death grip", which has hindered her therapy. Telly does not appreciate that characterization as it makes it sound like Dr. Munce and Jim want her to forget Sam. Slowly, incidents make it seem like Telly is losing that grip on the past, until one day all physical evidence of Sam disappears, personal as well as public, such as all media stories of the plane disappearance. Subsequently, Jim and Dr. Munce try to explain to her that her therapy is to help her get over the delusion that she and Jim have/had a son. As Telly alone goes on a search for any evidence of the existence of Sam, the only person she is eventually able to convince is Ash Correll, an ex-New York Ranger whose daughter Lauren allegedly was also one of the missing children. Ash, who started to drink heavily fourteen months ago, initially believed Telly to be crazy until he slowly recalls that he did indeed have a daughter named Lauren who disappeared in that plane, which led to his drinking. Telly and Ash need to go on the run as they are being pursued by the National Security Agency (NSA) on the matter, they're unsure of the NSA's involvement in their children's disappearance. One other person they are able to convince of there ever having been a Sam and Lauren is NYPD Detective Ann Pope. Pope believes that two people having the same delusion is too coincidental, and the NSA being involved is too suspicious for it not to be some grand plot. Pope has to figure who she can or cannot trust in the matter in uncovering the truth. As Telly and Ash continue their search for evidence while eluding the NSA, they believe that the answer may lie with the mysterious man who seems to have appeared lately in Telly's day-to-day goings-on. - IMDb

Одинокая мать Тэлли Паретта, чей 8-летний сын недавно пропал без вести во время авиакатастрофы, обращается к психологу, надеясь с его помощью хоть как-то ослабить душевную боль и страх того, что она больше никогда не увидит своего сына живым. Однако вместо утешения в разговорах с доктором она узнает шокирующую версию ее проблем. По его словам ничего на самом деле никогда и не было и сын является всего лишь плодом ее воображения, создавшего все те восемь лет, которые прожил ребенок. Убитая горем мать, не желает сдаваться, особенно после того, как знакомится с человеком, чья дочь так же недавно пропала при невыясненных обстоятельствах. Вместе они решают самостоятельно провести расследование загадочного исчезновения детей...

Felejtés Hungary
Gizemli parçalar (Turkish title) Turkey
I emmoni (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Mémoire effacée France
Misteriosa obsesión Chile
Misteriosa obsesión Argentina
Misteriosa obsesión Spain
Misteriosa Obsessão Portugal
Os Esquecidos Brazil
Pozabljeni Slovenia
Stranger (English title) Philippines
Unohdetut Finland
Varastatud mälestused Estonia
Die Vergessenen Austria
Die Vergessenen Germany
Zaboravljeni Croatia
Zaboravljeni Serbia
Zycie, którego nie bylo Poland
Η Εμμονή Greece
Забравените (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Забытые Russia

Children's Cast:

Zoë Raye [7] Additional Voices (voice, unconfirmed)
Christopher Kovaleski Sam
Matthew Pleszewicz Sam at 5
Ismael Peter Casillas III [7] Little Boy in Park

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