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Trafficked (United Kingdom)

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2017 October, 6
104 minutes
Drama / Thriller
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 19 698

Millions of vulnerable girls worldwide are being ensnared by human traffickers into the insidious world of sex slavery and exploited relentlessly to generate profits of one hundred billion dollars a year. That is more than the annual profits of Google, Microsoft, Nike and Starbucks combined. Inspired by real characters from the award winning book 'Sex Trafficking' by Siddharth Kara, this is the story of three such girls from America, Nigeria and India. After being trafficked through an elaborate global network of illicit human, organ, and drug trafficking, all three girls end up as sex slaves in a brothel in Texas. Together they attempt to escape their enslavement and reclaim their freedom. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Amiah Miller Young Sara
Madison Wolfe Natalie
Shae Smolik Young Natalie

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