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Medical Center (TV series)

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1969 April, 17
60 minutes
Production Company:

Located in the Los Angeles area, Medical Center was an otherwise unnamed hospital complex that was part of a large university campus. Dr. Paul Lochner was the chief of staff, an experienced, professional, compassionate man. Dr. Joe Gannon was a young associate professor of surgery and a close friend of Dr. Lochner. - IMDb

Centro médico Spain
Centro médico Mexico
Médecins d'aujourd'hui France
Medisch centrum (Flemish title) Belgium
Tip Merkezi (Turkish title) Turkey

Children's Cast:

Jodie Foster [13] Ivy (TV Episode: The Captives) (1975)
Kim Richards [12] Penny (TV Episode: If Wishes Were Horses) (1976)
Angela Cartwright [17] Angela (TV Episode: U.M.C.) (1969)
Gary Coleman [6] James (TV Episode: Appointment with Danger) (1974)
Brandon Cruz [11] Mooch (TV Episode: Night Cry) (1973)
Mia Bendixsen [6] Jenny Palmer (TV Episode: Scream of Silence) (1970)
Kirby Furlong [12] Pete (TV Episode: Crown of Thorns) (1975)
Robbie Rist [11] Andy (TV Episode: No Hiding Place) (1975)
Scott Jacoby [16] Tony (TV Episode: No Way Out) (1972)
Radames Pera [9] Allan Theron (TV Episode: The Last Ten Yards) (1969)
Christian Juttner [12] (TV Episode: A Touch of Sight) (1976)
Patti Cohoon-Friedman [10] Proo (TV Episode: Thousands and Thousands of Miles) (1969)
Lee Montgomery [10] Jerry / Mac / Alec (TV Episode: Conspiracy) (1971)
Sean Kelly [16] Jack Barris (TV Episode: Condemned) (1972)
Vincent Van Patten [13] Kenny / Jimmy / Benjy (TV Episode: Ghetto Clinic) (1970)
Stephen R. Hudis [14] Davey Campbell / Rick Parker (TV Episode: Danger Point) (1971)
George Janek [13] Teddy Blake (TV Episode: Two Against Death) (1975)
Willie Aames [11] Jeff / Tony / Eric (TV Episode: The Nowhere Child) (1971)
Katherine Cannon [17] Nancy (TV Episode: The V.D. Story) (1970)

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