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Medical Center (TV series)

Calling Dr. Gannon (United Kingdom: new title)
Medical Center (USA)

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Located in the Los Angeles area, Medical Center was an otherwise unnamed hospital complex that was part of a large university campus. Dr. Paul Lochner was the chief of staff, an experienced, professional, compassionate man. Dr. Joe Gannon was a young associate professor of surgery and a close friend of Dr. Lochner. - IMDb

Calling Dr. Gannon (new title) United Kingdom
Centro médico Mexico
Centro médico Spain
Médecins d'aujourd'hui France
Medical Center Ecuador
Medical Center USA
Medical Center West Germany
Medical Center Canada
Medical Center Canada
Medical Center Italy
Medisch centrum Belgium
Tıp Merkezi Turkey
Медицинский центр Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Jodie Foster [13] Ivy (TV Episode: The Captives) (1975)
Kim Richards [12] Penny (TV Episode: If Wishes Were Horses) (1976)
Angela Cartwright [17] Angela (TV Episode: U.M.C.) (1969)
Gary Coleman [6] James (TV Episode: Appointment with Danger) (1974)
Brandon Cruz [11] Mooch (TV Episode: Night Cry) (1973)
Mia Bendixsen [6] Jenny Palmer (TV Episode: Scream of Silence) (1970)
Kirby Furlong [12] Pete (TV Episode: Crown of Thorns) (1975)
Robbie Rist [11] Andy (TV Episode: No Hiding Place) (1975)
Scott Jacoby [16] Tony (TV Episode: No Way Out) (1972)
Radames Pera [9] Allan Theron (TV Episode: The Last Ten Yards) (1969)
Christian Juttner [12] (TV Episode: A Touch of Sight) (1976)
Patti Cohoon-Friedman [10] Proo (TV Episode: Thousands and Thousands of Miles) (1969)
Lee Montgomery [10] Jerry / Mac / Alec (TV Episode: Conspiracy) (1971)
Sean Kelly [16] Jack Barris (TV Episode: Condemned) (1972)
Vincent Van Patten [13] Kenny / Jimmy / Benjy (TV Episode: Ghetto Clinic) (1970)
Stephen R. Hudis [14] Davey Campbell / Rick Parker (TV Episode: Danger Point) (1971)
George Janek [13] Teddy Blake (TV Episode: Two Against Death) (1975)
Willie Aames [11] Jeff / Tony / Eric (TV Episode: The Nowhere Child) (1971)
Katherine Cannon [17] Nancy (TV Episode: The V.D. Story) (1970)