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Hui Buh


Aka: Hui Buh: The Castle Ghost (USA: literal English title)
Director: Sebastian Niemann
Year: 2006
Country: Germany
Runtime: 103 minutes
Genre: Animation / Fantasy / Adventure / Comedy / Horror

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As the only officially licensed ghost (Well, this IS Germany!), Hui Buh lives the high (or should that be "after"?) life, haunting Castle Burgeck. His one problem: He isn't scary. But he does his best and the castle’s residents play along.
Things go horribly wrong, though, when Hui Buh disrupts the wedding of King Julius III (Christoph Maria Herbst) to the fair lady Leonora, Countess Etepetete (Heike Makatsch). Furious, Julius revokes Hui's license. At which point the ghostly bureaucracy (Germany, remember!) kicks in and Hui Buh has just two days to win it back or end up in the "Spook Soup."
Meanwhile, Julius discovers he's bankrupt and even his adjutant (Herbig's long-time sidekick, Rick Kavanian) skedaddles. There’s nothing for it but to join forces with Hui Buh and solve their problems together. A hair-raising adventure in the mysterious ghost town awaits them... - German films Service & Marketing GmbH

Children's Cast:

Martin Kurz [13] Tommy

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