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Big Top Pee-wee

Big Top Pee-wee (USA)

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1988 July, 22
86 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Romance
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 15 122 324

In the sequel to "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", Pee-Wee Herman has had enough with the fame and constant media attention he received after the events of the first movie, so he's now a simple farmer living quietly in a small town. But after a big storm blows their way, a circus ends up at Pee Wee's farm. So he lets the circus stay at his farm for a while. The circus decides to put on a show with one lovable star, Pee-Wee! Also, a love triangle develops between Pee-Wee, his nice fiancée Winnie, who's the local schoolteacher, and mysterious loner Gina, the circus' attractive trapeze artist. The outcome of this subplot is somewhat unexpected. - IMDb

Big Top Pee Wee (video box title) Finland
Big Top Pee-wee Canada
Big Top Pee-wee Ecuador
Big Top Pee-wee USA
Big Top Pee-wee United Kingdom
Big Top Pee-wee Australia
Big Top Pee-wee France
Big Top Pee-wee - La mia vita picchiatella Italy
El Gran Pee-Wee Spain
Manege frei für Pee Wee West Germany
Pee Wee nagy kalandjai Hungary
Pee-wee au cirque Canada
Pee-wee Herman w cyrku Poland
Pee-Wee: Meu Filme Circense Brazil
Wielki Pee-wee Poland
Весельчак Пи-Ви Russia
Коротышка - большая шишка Soviet Union
ピーウィー・ハーマンの空飛ぶサーカス Japan

Children's Cast:

Dustin Diamond [11] Child - Deke

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