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The Skeptic

The Haunting (United Kingdom)
The Skeptic (USA)

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2009 March, 28
89 minutes
Horror / Thriller
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 205 585


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After the mysterious death of his Aunt, a confirmed skeptic lawyer, Bryan Becket, dismisses reports that his Aunt's house is haunted and moves in. Immediately occurrences begin he cannot explain. And beyond the occurrences there is something about the house which gnaws at Becket - some strange connection he senses he has with the house's past. Soon, the haunting turns personal, he hears voices suggesting clues to a deep mystery. He questions his sanity, seeks medical help, but instead finds assistance in a young psychic who immediately declares, "There's a very bad secret in this house." Together they embark on a terrifying journey to uncover the secret - a journey which leads them deep into the recesses of The Skeptic's own troubled mind. - IMDb

Les fantômes du Passé Canada
The Haunting of Bryan Becket  
The Haunting United Kingdom
Herança Paranormal Brazil
I stoiheiomeni villa Greece
Menneen haamut (informal title) Finland
Paranormal - Im Zeichen des Bösen (reissue title) West Germany
Paranormal Nightmare (rerun title) West Germany
Prokletý Czechoslovakia
Sceptyk Poland
The Skeptic - Das teuflische Haus West Germany
The Skeptic - La casa maledetta Italy
The Skeptic USA
Şüpheci Turkey
Скептик Russia
Скептик Ukraine

Children's Cast:

L.J. Foley Young Bryan Becket
Maxwell Beer Joker

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