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Kowai onna

Unholy Women (USA)

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2006 November, 25
107 minutes
Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 10 638

Unholy Women (Kowai onna), is a composite of three unrelated half-hour horror movies. The first segment, "Rattle Rattle", tells the story of a young woman who is pursued by an evil other-worldly being. The second movie, "Steel", concerns a young man who agrees to take the sister of his boss out on a blind date, drawing him into a world more frightening than he ever dreamed possible. The third and final episode, "The Inheritance", is a supernatural tale of a woman and her young son, scarred by abuse and psychological trauma.(written by IrishLass240 of Long Island, New York, USA) - IMDb

Hagane (segment title) Japan
Hagane (segment title)  
The Inheritance (segment title)  
Kata-Kata (segment title) Japan
Kowai onna Ecuador
Rattle Rattle (segment title)  
Scary Women (literal English title)  
Uketsugu mono (segment title) Japan
Unholy Women Italy
Unholy Women Thailand
Unholy Women USA
Грешные женщины Russia
コワイ女 Japan
鬼女魔咒 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Kenta Suga [12] Michio Hishikawa (segment: Uketsugu mono)

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