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Our House (TV series 1986-1988)

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1986 September, 11
60 minutes
Drama / Family

Following the death of his son, Gus Witherspoon takes in his daughter-in-law and his three grandchildren to live with him. Adjustment to the new arrangement is not easy on any of them. - IMDb

Nuestra casa Spain
Nuestra casa Peru
Unser Haus West Germany
Vita col nonno Italy

Children's Cast:

Chad Allen [12] David Witherspoon (TV Episode: Artful Dodging) (1986)
Andrea Barber [10] Friend #3 / Naomi (TV Episode: The Third Question) (1986)
Gabriel Damon [10] Tommy (TV Episode: Families and Friends) (1986)
Heather O'Rourke [12] Dana (TV Episode: A Point of View) (1987)
Ebonie Smith [9] Friend #1 (TV Episode: Dancing in the Dark) (1987)
Thomas Wilson Brown [15] Mark (TV Episode: Dancing in the Dark) (1987)
Brad Kesten [16] Ken Morton (TV Episode: Sounds from a Silent Clock: Part 1) (1987)
Victor DiMattia [6] (TV Episode: Small Steps Up a Tall Mountain) (1986)
Shannen Doherty [15] Kris Witherspoon (TV Episode: Artful Dodging) (1986)
Scott Menville [16] Bobby Dalton (TV Episode: Like Father, Like Son) (1987)
David Mendenhall [16] J.R. Dutton (TV Episode: Artful Dodging) (1987)
Jason Horst (TV Episode: Giving 'em the Business) (1987)
Kenny Morrison [13] Giving 'em the Business (TV Episode: Giving 'em the Business) (1987)
Olivia Burnette [9] Joanie (TV Episode: See You in Court) (1986)
David Glasser [17] Chip (TV Episode: Two Beat, Four Beat) (1988)

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