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Our House (TV series 1986-1988)

Our House (USA)

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Following the death of his son, Gus Witherspoon takes in his daughter-in-law and his three grandchildren to live with him. Adjustment to the new arrangement is not easy on any of them. - IMDb

Nuestra casa Spain
Nuestra casa Peru
Our House Singapore
Our House USA
Our House South Africa
Our House Australia
Our House Canada
Our House Canada
Our House Ecuador
Our House United Kingdom
Our House India
Our House South Korea
Our House Netherlands
Unser Haus West Germany
Unser Haus West Germany
Vita col nonno Italy
頑固じいさん孫3人 Japan

Children's Cast:

Chad Allen [12] David Witherspoon (TV Episode: Artful Dodging) (1986)
Andrea Barber [10] Friend #3 / Naomi (TV Episode: The Third Question) (1986)
Gabriel Damon [10] Tommy (TV Episode: Families and Friends) (1986)
Heather O'Rourke [12] Dana (TV Episode: A Point of View) (1987)
Ebonie Smith [9] Friend #1 (TV Episode: Dancing in the Dark) (1987)
Thomas Wilson Brown [15] Mark (TV Episode: Dancing in the Dark) (1987)
Brad Kesten [16] Ken Morton (TV Episode: Sounds from a Silent Clock: Part 1) (1987)
Victor DiMattia [6] (TV Episode: Small Steps Up a Tall Mountain) (1986)
Shannen Doherty [15] Kris Witherspoon (TV Episode: Artful Dodging) (1986)
Scott Menville [16] Bobby Dalton (TV Episode: Like Father, Like Son) (1987)
David Mendenhall [16] J.R. Dutton (TV Episode: Artful Dodging) (1987)
Jason Horst (TV Episode: Giving 'em the Business) (1987)
Kenny Morrison [13] Giving 'em the Business (TV Episode: Giving 'em the Business) (1987)
Olivia Burnette [9] Joanie (TV Episode: See You in Court) (1986)
David Glasser [17] Chip (TV Episode: Two Beat, Four Beat) (1988)