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Bringing Up Baby

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1938 February, 16
102 minutes
Comedy / Romance
Production Company:
$ 1 073 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 11 180


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Mild mannered zoology professor Dr. David Huxley is excited by the news that an intercostal clavicle bone has been found to complete his brontosaurus skeleton, a project four years in the construction. He is equally excited about his imminent marriage to his assistant, the officious Alice Swallow, who is interested in him more for his work than for him as a person. David needs the $1 million endowment of wealthy dowager Mrs. Carleton Random to complete the project. Her lawyer, Alexander Peabody, will make the decision on her behalf, so David needs to get in his favor. However, whenever David tries to make a good impression on Peabody, the same young woman always seems to do something to make him look bad. She is the flighty heiress Susan Vance. The more David wants Susan to go away, the more Susan seems not to want or be able to. But David eventually learns that Alexander Peabody is her good friend, who she calls Boopy, and Susan's Aunt Elizabeth, with whom David has also made a bad impression without her knowing who he is, is Mrs. Carleton Random. However getting in Aunt Elizabeth and Boopy's good graces is not as easy as Susan smoothing the waters with them. Throw into the mix a tame pet leopard named Baby that Susan's brother Mark inexplicably sends her from Brazil, Aunt Elizabeth's big game hunting friend Major Horace Applegate, Aunt Elizabeth's pet terrier George who has a penchant for burying bones and other things, and a traveling circus passing through town and David may never be able to finish his project or make it to his wedding. But David may come to the realization that there is something more important in his life. - IMDb

Дэвид Хаксли - чудаковатый палеонтолог, последние четыре года жизни по косточке воссоздающий скелет бронтозавтра. За день до свадьбы злодейка-судьба сталкивает его со Сьюзан, неуемной молодой девицей, которая тут же положила на него глаз и начала причинять ему бесконечные неприятности, пытаясь заполучить его. Венцом всеобщего кавардака является постоянно путающийся под ногами леопард ее тетушки по кличке Крошка. Дэвид, пытаясь вырваться из сетей Сьюзан, попадает во все более и более смешные ситуации.

La adorable revoltosa Argentina
La adorable revoltosa Mexico
Beebiga kimpus Estonia
Det ordner seg nok Norway
Drapiezne malenstwo Poland
Duas Feras Portugal
La fiera de mi niña Spain
Han, hun og leoparden Denmark
Hätä ei lue lakia Finland
Hoe gaat 't met je baby (informal literal title) Netherlands
I gynaika me tin leopardali (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
L'impossible Monsieur Bébé (French title) Belgium
L'impossible monsieur Bébé France
Ingen fara på taket (Swedish title) Finland
Ingen fara på taket Sweden
Een lastige baby (Flemish title) Belgium
Leoparden küßt man nicht Germany
Leoparden küßt man nicht Austria
Leoparden küßt man nicht West Germany
Leopardí zena (Czech title) Czechoslovakia
Levada da Breca Brazil
Nevolje sa bebom Serbia
Nősténytigris Hungary
Párducbébi Hungary
Quina fera de nena! (Catalan title) Spain
Susanna Italy
Xypna, moro mou (reissue title) Greece
Да отгледаш Бебчо (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Buster Slaven [16] Peabody's Caddy

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The most successful movies. Year: 1938

1. Bringing Up Baby (1938)
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 11 180