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Koudak va sarbaz

Also known as: The Child and the Soldier (World-wide)
Director: Reza Mirkarimi
Release: 1 Feb 2000
Country: Iran
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Bahman AminPour (main male actor) is doing his army service in one of the villages in Khorasan province. He's planning to get some days off for the 1st week of New Year's vacations and go home to his village in North in order to prepare for his wedding. His commander doesn't agree with his request, meanwhile the forces bring a thief child to the station for stealing a necklace. The young boy has run away from the misbehaved children center in Tehran. Soldier's commander gives him a mission to return the boy back to Tehran and tells him that after finishing this mission he'll be able to go for his vacation. The soldier takes the boy and heads to Tehran with the help of a truck driver, the boy runs away. The soldier finds him back but since he is running out of time he's forced to take the boy with him to his village. During the wedding ceremony the stolen necklace accidentally goes to soldier's sister. After all the adventures the child and the soldier finally come to Tehran and over there they meet boy's parents, who have come to put a bail for his freedom, but unfortunately they won't succeed and the boy returns to the center. - IMDb

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