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How I Met Your Mother (TV series 2005-2014)

H.I.M.Y.M (USA: short title)

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2005 September, 19
22 minutes
Comedy / Romance

When on TV?

16 Dec, 15:50 ORF Eins
16 Dec, 16:15 ORF Eins
17 Dec, 08:00 ProSieben
17 Dec, 08:30 ProSieben
17 Dec, 08:30 ORF Eins
17 Dec, 08:50 ORF Eins
17 Dec, 08:55 ProSieben
17 Dec, 09:25 ProSieben
17 Dec, 15:50 ORF Eins
17 Dec, 16:15 ORF Eins

The year is 2030. Ted Mosby is relaying the story of how he met his wife to his daughter and son. The story starts in the year 2005, when then twenty-seven year old architect Ted was spurred on to want to get married after his best friends from his college days at Wesleyan, lawyer Marshall Eriksen, who was his roommate at the time and kindergarten teacher Lily Aldrin, got engaged after nine years of dating each other. Ted's new quest in life was much to the dismay of his womanizing friend, Barney Stinson. But soon after Marshall and Lily's engagement, Ted believed that his life mate was going to be news reporter and aspiring news anchor Robin Scherbatsky, who, despite having had a romantic relationship with her after this time, ended up being who the kids know as their "Aunt" Robin. As Ted relays the story to his kids, the constants are that their Uncle Marshall, Aunt Lily, Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin are always in the picture and thus have something to do with how he got together with their mother. - IMDb

Ako som spoznal vasu mamu Slovakia
Ashnaiy ba madar (Persian title) Iran
Cómo conocí a vuestra madre Spain
Como Eu Conheci Sua Mãe Brazil
E alla fine arriva mamma! (first season title) Italy
Ensisilmäyksellä Finland
Foi Assim que Aconteceu Portugal
H.I.M.Y.M (short title) USA
How I Met Your Mother - Alla fine arriva mamma (DVD title) Italy
Így jártam anyátokkal Hungary
Jak jsem poznal vasi matku Czech Republic
Jak poznalem wasza matke Poland
Kaip as susipazinau su jusu mama Lithuania
Kako sam upoznao vašu majku Serbia
Kako sam upoznao vašu majku Croatia
Kako sem spoznal vajino mamo Slovenia
Khi Bo Gap Me Vietnam
Kuidas ma kohtasin teie ema Estonia
Как се запознах с майка ви (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Как я встретил вашу маму Russia
Як я познайомився з вашою мамою Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Zachary Gordon [8] Grant / Boy (TV Episode: How Lily Stole Christmas) (2006)
Andrew Astor [9] Addison (TV Episode: Murtaugh) (2009)
Alyssa Shafer [8] Little Girl #2 (TV Episode: Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM) (2006)
Tanner Maguire [9] Young Barney / 12 Year Old Barney (TV Episode: Showdown) (2007)
Will Shadley [12] J.J. (TV Episode: Legendaddy) (2011)
Preston Bailey [7] Kindergartner (TV Episode: Columns) (2007)
Gattlin Griffith Boy (TV Episode: Something Blue) (2007)
Austin Majors [14] 12 Year Old Matthew (TV Episode: Right Place Right Time) (2009)
Charlie Stewart [16] Kenny (TV Episode: Murtaugh) (2009)
Michael William Arnold [8] Marshall's Son (TV Episode: Dowisetrepla) (2007)
Jae Head Leroy (TV Episode: Purple Giraffe) (2005)
Max Prado [16] Michael Sasser (TV Episode: Happily Ever After) (2008)
Jonathan Morgan Heit [9] Boy #1 (TV Episode: Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap) (2009)
Laura Ann Kesling [9] 8 Year Old Nicole (TV Episode: Sorry, Bro) (2009)
Shelby Zemanek [8] Eight Year Old Robin / 6 Year Old Robin (TV Episode: Miracles) (2008)
Nicholas Roget-King [9] Doug (TV Episode: Monday Night Football) (2007)
Alec Gray Kid (TV Episode: The Fight) (2008)
David Henrie [16] Son (TV Episode: Last Forever: Part Two) (2005)
Matthew Cuen Basketball Kindergardener (TV Episode: Murtaugh) (2009)
Davis Cleveland [6] Andy (TV Episode: The Fight) (2008)
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