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Surviving Christmas

Surviving Christmas (Australia)

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2004 October, 14
91 minutes
Comedy / Romance
$ 45 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 14 614 892


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It's the Christmas season. Wealthy Chicago ad executive Drew Latham has long avoided the family traditions of Christmas, but has dreaded being alone on the actual day. So when his tropical Christmas vacation with girlfriend Missy Vangilder falls through with Missy breaking up with him in the process, Drew, in going through some self-therapy, decides what he really needs is to relive the memorable Christmases from his childhood, which includes spending time with his parents and younger brother. As that is not possible, he decides to rent a family, namely ones he's never met before, the Valcos - husband and wife Tom and Christine and their teenaged son Brian - who now live in Drew's childhood home in suburban Chicago. Tom initially wants nothing to do with Drew until an exorbitant sum of money is involved, all written in a contract which expires at the end of Christmas day. What Drew is initially unaware of, or what he chooses to remain ignorant about, is that the Valcos are going through their own family problems, which are only exacerbated by Drew's presence. For the Valcos, the questions become whether they can endure Drew's stay until the end of Christmas day, and if they can if the money will solve their family problems. In the process, Drew may come to an admission to himself of what he wants in life and perhaps how best to achieve it. The achieving it may be difficult if he doesn't fully know that life, and as external forces come into play to complicate matters. - IMDb

Богатый и успешный рекламный топ-менеджер Дрю Лэтэм, чтобы не встречать Рождество в одиночестве, отправляется в дом своего детства. Его нисколько не смущает, что там сейчас живут чужие люди. За 250 тысяч долларов Дрю предлагает семейству Валко стать его родней на время каникул и организовать на Рождество теплое торжество. Но ни принявшие заманчивое предложение хозяева, ни гость не могли даже предположить, чем обернется для всех подобная авантюра...

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Children's Cast:

Bridgette Ho Five Year Old
Hailey Noelle Johnson [6] Little Girl
Sean Marquette [16] Older Brother
Kacie Borrowman Elf
Amanda Fein [12] Freeman Twin

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