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Little Nikita

Little Nikita (Australia)

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1988 March, 18
98 minutes
Drama / Thriller
Production Company:
$ 15 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 1 733 070


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Roy Parmenter is a veteran FBI agent who has spent the last 20 years trying to find the Russian agent who killed his partner whom he calls Scuba. When a couple of deep cover Russian agents are killed Parmenter thinks Scuba is the one doing it. The Russians who have received word from Scuba that if they want him to stop, they have to pay him. So they send a veteran Russian agent, Karpov to stop him. Parmenter was tasked with performing background checks on people applying for certain things requiring security clearance and when he comes across Jeffrey Grant who's applying to the Air Force Academy, he discovers that his parents' info is false. He also learns of Karpov coming into the country and suspects that he is here to stop Scuba and that Karpov went to the city where Jeffrey and his family live, so he decides to keep an eye on Jeffrey and his family. - IMDb

Мальчишка, живущий в Америке, весь такой насквозь американский, внезапно узнает, что его родители — советские шпионы.

Chantage au KGB Canada
Espías sin identidad Spain
Espías sin rostro Argentina
Espías sin rostro Chile
Espías sin rostro Mexico
Espías sin rostro Peru
Espies sense identitat Spain
Espiões sem Rosto Brazil
Fælden klapper Denmark
Kasvottomat vakoojat (video box title) Finland
Kataskopoi dihos prosopo (transliterated title) Greece
A Kis Nikita Hungary
Little Nikita West Germany
Little Nikita Austria
Little Nikita Australia
Little Nikita Canada
Little Nikita West Germany
Little Nikita Ecuador
Little Nikita United Kingdom
Little Nikita Singapore
Little Nikita USA
Mali Nikita Croatia
Mali Nikita Serbia
Mały Nikita Poland
Nikita, spie senza volto Italy
O Pequeno Nikita Portugal
El Pequeño Nikita Peru
The Sleepers  
Spioner i familjen Sweden
Spioner utan ansikte Finland
Κατάσκοποι δίχως πρόσωπο Greece
Маленький Никита Soviet Union
Малкият Никита Bulgaria
लिटिल निकीटा India
リトル・ニキータ Japan
美蘇間諜戰 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Jacob Vargas [16] Miguel
Lucy Deakins [16] Barbara Kerry

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